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wed 02 jan 02

i really dig the blognovation at ~fletk. look at that second picture down (the left turn lane with the postal truck). now tell me what that thing on the left is. primordial giant tree? brontosaurus leg? no, wait ... don't label it. imagining's too much fun ...

ananova: the internet fridge is about to go mass-market.

ananova: baby talk, the language of learning? goo. where's my phd?

reuters: a piece of king midas' throne?

reuters: greta van susteren moves to *fox news*?!! good lord. i'm speechless.

reuters: the crows are picking at kmart's still-living carcass.

washington post: david broder, bush's stealthy pursuit of a partisan agenda.

ny times: augmenting a home school education.

ny times science: finches fall prey to disease. congregating at bird feeders speeds the spread.

la times: a ucla professor takes on islamists in single combat. "god gave me this affliction of law. i learned all of it, and there is nothing i can do with it, and if i don't preserve it, it will die."

la times: ralph sutton, the master of 'stride' piano, has passed on.

the star: creating knowledge management systems. "content, culture, process and infrastructure."

bbc: the internet starts to shrink!

content wire: company can produce cloned pigs suitable for supplying transplants to humans. michael's next nose? *snort*

ah, it was tromix who was marketing a .50 caliber 'turban chaser' rifle. their website is closed down.

new scientist: plot to undermine global pollution controls revealed. i dislike conspiracy theories, but here's one that was true ...

cnet: apparently paypal began accepting american express and discover cards last month. no additional fees. contrast with business 2.0, paypal needs a friend.

freshmeat: webconference [cgi realtime chat].

the second annual [2002] bloggies are ready for nominations.

the complete region-free dvd guide.

hoo boy ... it's gonna take a day or so to get back into the swing of things ...

zdnet.uk: will linux survive the dotcom crash?

zope.org: zcgi ... run cgi scripts directly under zope.

mac central: prosql has been updated.

mozillaquest: free open source software for your new xmas computer.

python-url! [jan. 2]

the register: new email virus, ZaCker.

cio: how to run a microsoft-free shop.

the star: dvd extras could disappear.

globe and mail: in the present tense, let's look to the future. let's relearn how to dream.

arts journal: a link page to just about every major 'best in arts 2001' article.

ny times op-ed: uncertain parks policy.

ny times: universe may last forever, but life may not. depressing. parallel universes, anyone?

reuters: 100 year old british census goes online.

cnn: high vitamin a linked to incidence of hip fractures. watch those super-multi's, ladies.

for those of you with an eye for detail, you'll notice the 'biohazard' graphic is back. and, the time stamps throughout this site have been corrected (since moving servers, i hadn't noticed they were way, way off). a new crop of quotes, as well.

postings will come soon; business has hit my phone like a tsunami ...

good morning.