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thu 03 jan 02

hmmm. just riffing. icrawl. iburp. ithink. imess. itype. islip-ifall-idie. isick. icrazy. ibuild. ibreak. iswear. ido-idont. iprogram. itired. igoingtobed. thanks for the koan, hal.

archaeopteryx wing ide 1.1 for linux and windows.

phrack #58.

zope's looking for a project manager ...

earthweb: php control structures.

bbc: ironic that japan may not be able to meet the kyoto protocol.

welcome back, xblog. i missed you.

about my 4 o'clock outage. good grief. nothing like screwing up your zope instance! i forgot to change my var folder permissions back after installing a new product. restarted zope, and *bang*, no zope. got my command line chops back over the last half hour. i could hear bugs bunny over my shoulder, saying "what a maroon ..."

ananova: ancient lost buddhist temples found in china.

ananova: parakeets get turned on by flourescent ultraviolet light. i *knew* you all needed to know that one ...

reuters: bush 'economic stimulus' plan renamed ... 'economic security.' nope. not touching this one ... (grin) ... well, then again, maybe. what about us small businesses, george?

cnn: oluwalu beach reopens after shark scare. i snorkeled there in the late 80's. pretty shallow, with colorful sea life all around. can't quite picture a tiger shark there ... but 100 yards out, that might be the dropoff to deeper water, which would make sense as a feeding area.

bear stearns e-week: talk still cheap, demand still steep. the state of the wireless industry.

webref javascript tip: conditional statements in xslt.

cio insight: open hazard. "the open source movement relies heavily on copyright law and restrictive licenses to ensure that redistributed code remains open and cannot be usurped by developers who might modify and release it as their own under traditional licensing and copyright restrictions." later: apparently this article has disappeared into the ozone. i spent a few minutes with their search engine, but to no avail. i may have to drop cio as a source. sorry!

freshmeat: mailscanner [spam and virus filtering], jython 2.1 [python in java].

linux focus: chrooting all services in linux.

mozilla news: keywords and bookmarks.

linux focus: writing cd's with linux.

uexpress: humanizing john walker. a fictional interview with oprah.

cs monitor: wranglin' rhymes. the national cowboy poetry gathering.

guardian.uk: van eyck and the invention of oil paints.

santa fe new mexican: 'the crusader' and september 11.

cnet: file-sharing programs (limewire!) carry trojan horse. via a snowy bump.

times of india: truckload of nitric acid stolen in los angeles. in all likelihood, not an act of terrorism.

times of india: first afghan film in ten years ready to roll.

ny times op-ed: william safire, executive privilege again. everyone will link this, i know. but it's worth underlining.

ny times: fun with nightvision scopes. people seem to project fearful emotions on nighttime excursions. it's one of my favorite times to walk, sans flashlights (though around here i wear tall boots, in case rattlers are getting warm on paths and pavement in the spring and fall!).

ny times: mining company gets protection in legislation pushed by daschle. 'cost to the government' indeed. cost to taxpayers, you mean. if this company had the funds to drill, they have the funds to clean up. this is a bad deal, senator daschle, and a very poor example to set. [lest you think i only lambast republicans.]

ny times: texas deregulates energy industry. goo-ood luck. glad i'm over the border on this one ...

a new version of apple carbonlib [1.5] is out. use 'software update' to install it. there was also a hint on a list, if you've had problems with drag-and-drop in association with carbonlib: remove 'n2mp3'.

bright sun and *cold* again.