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fri 04 jan 02

maccentral: apple updates a slew of printer drivers, for os x.

cnet news.com: is cd copy protection illegal?

booknotes is back in the house! happy new year, craig and family.

feel better soon, ms. andrea!

gallery update: three new image galleries. catching up on the old year ... many more coming. maybe more tonight. just added another.

salon: public money, private code.

daemonnews: dossier and the meta project. sorry if you caught the 'messier' ... never blog and talk on the phone at the same time. the practice lends itself to all kinds of freudian slips ...

objective html. [java]

the register: a 'veteran bug hunter' advises dumping internet explorer.

freshmeat: roadsend php sitemanager.

linux lookup: vmware 3.0 workstation for linux; review.

linux planet: the cheap two pound linux workstation.

webref: why projects fail, and what you can do about it.

chronicle of higher ed: the lost worlds of science fiction. professor challenger, i've got my knapsack packed ...

national post: faith popcorn predicts the future. "expect age rage ..."

washington post: untitled, art by no other name.

ny times: slashed painting restored.

santa fe new mexican: we're having an unusually dry winter here in northern new mexico. it may lead to a particularly hazardous fire season this summer ... i need not remind you all of cerro grande and viveash.

times of india: wide famine averted in afghanistan; u.s. disseminates radios.

times of india: argentina formally defaults on debt payments.

times of india: china sides with pakistan.

times of india: freddy heineken has passed away. lift a green bottle in remembrance [preferably a european import one - they taste better].

ny times op-ed: the enron post-mortem. "democrats, for their part, should resist the temptation to use the enron saga for cheap political gain."

ny times: comcast copes with internet problems. click this link and see if you get the same advertisement i did ... a verisign ad with annoying *audio*.

ny times: looks like torricelli's off the hook.

reuters: california court upholds state's anti-spam laws.

i have a meeting in a little bit; postings will be more prolific after 10:30 mst gmt-7.

"i'm determined to survive the intensity of my forethought." there's a quote for you. direct from the mule's mouth (replace mule with the appropriate hyphenated double-word).

do you ever get so focused on what you want to accomplish that you completely overlook items that would make accomplishing your goal infinitely easier? that's what i'm talking about.

there have been a succession of happenstances over the last twenty-four hours, that make me feel a complete idiot. i think i've got them handled now.