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sat 05 jan 02

which reminds me, newegg.com has some great prices on mr. flash compactflash cards. 256 megabytes for $88. i've heard this brand is a little slow, but you can't beat that price with a stick!

gallery update three: a fifth gallery added. hike on sandia crest. now to finish las vegas, grand canyon, and a couple of others. then i'm ready for this year.

alpha and omega, no?

cnet: patents, a necessary evil.

newsforge: a manifesto on freedom.

newsforge: what's going on in the zope world. must-reads for zopatistas ...

cnn: 'not over my dead body will they raise your taxes.' looks like daschle hit a sore spot, for the response to be this quick [and garbled]. daschle responds: "i proposed short-term tax cuts to create jobs and generate investment and long-term fiscal discipline, not tax increases."

jerrykindall discusses dvorak keyboard issues. i've debated switching to dvorak so many times ... later: andrea drops off a link to an online dvorak course.

gallery update two: a fourth new gallery added to the three posted yesterday. 'autumn in the sangre de cristos'. and even more coming.

globe and mail: don't believe what you see.

ny times book review: 'the reckless mind' ... when intelligent people get dumb ideas.

la times: instant culture available. the fate of the polaroid collection.

guardian.uk: on not being able to play the piano.

santa fe new mexican: no more driving and yakking. the no-cell-phones-while-driving ordnance takes effect. though i have this funny feeling that fiddling with the earbud and microphone, volume and phone will cause more immediate accidents ...

times of india: wreckage of three world war 2 'flying tigers' planes found in china.

ny times op-ed: mr. torricelli's ethics problem. he may be off the immediate hook, but jerseyans don't forget. neither does the new york times.

ny times: crash inquiry focuses on the pilots. hmm. does this read the same way to you that it does to me? "the tail is supposed to be able to withstand a force 50 percent stronger than the largest it is likely to ever encounter", yet they want to blame the pilots. what i'd like to know: was the jet put in an attitude by the wake turbulence that would exceed design stresses for the airplane? with or without pilot input?

ny times: daschle attacks the bush tax cut. the republican response would be funny, if there weren't citizens who believe it. i like the concept of a new business depreciation schedule ... as a small biz, i'd like to purchase new equipment this year. i really need a couple of new systems ... and this could make the difference between me sitting on my cash or going out to invest in new hardware.

sometimes, you just wake up and marvel at the miracle of a new day. would that all mornings started this way.