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sun 06 jan 02

gallery update four: another gallery added, this time las vegas. breathtakingly lacking in creativity, i plead the fact that this was vacation - my priority was relaxation, not photojournalising. but you'll like this.

bbc: an asteroid, making a close pass by earth, reminds us we have no defenses.

boston globe: democrats are changing their presidential nomination process.

apollo cms [python, postgresql].

kuro5hin: how to set up your own internet radio station.

mp3newswire: review of ibm 1gig microdrive.

santa fe new mexican: for those of you who might be interested, here's the current state of affordable housing in santa fe.

ananova: new study warns about taking antibiotics for minor infections. i wonder how often this scenario is played out today? young children passing resistant bugs over to their beloved grandparents ...

ananova: scientists postpone earth's doom. interesting theory, but i know i won't be around to see it.

ny times letters to the editor: math's inner beauty is enough.

patching and painting walls today. 'bout time i finished the house.