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mon 07 jan 02

channelseven decided to call seven of the top executives working in interactive media today. here's what they say. expect more flash ads.

i wonder how iphoto stacks up to iview mediapro. they sound quite similar.

gallery update five: another gallery. grand canyon, october 2001. this time, i shut up and let the pictures do the talking. mostly.

how stuff works: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

usatoday: courts begin to frown on online badmouthing. email as trespassing? boy, i want to use that argument for spam ...

oh no! there's a mysterious sponge-like creature in whangamata! apologies. i couldn't resist.

ananova: the inks in the new euro notes may affect one's hormone levels. don't date bank tellers, then.

reuters: biodiversity shrinking in north america.

reuters: u.s. weighs new security steps for general aviation. ruh-roh. here goes some more of our freedoms ...

cnn: link between infections and heart disease.

okay, i'm over the 'gotta buy it now' apple frenzy. chalk one up for age, mileage and acquired wisdom.

bbc: stephen hawking turns 60 tomorrow.

update to apache toolbox. one-stop shopping.

it all boils down to where you put your faith. (bad joke).

you ever have one of those days when you open a can of soup, and see something completely unidentifiable in it? you pick it out, but it makes you wonder ... so you cook it to the consistency of putty before consuming.

the power of smart marketing. seeing iphoto, i now want to upgrade to os x [required]. but i need new hardware, really. okay, where's that accelerated depreciation tax table, dems? let's get congress busy now ... i got things i wanna buy. linking with the digital revolution in photography is a smart move, no two ways about it.

welcome back, karl, at paradox1x. read back to january 2. sometimes links are the weblogging equivalent of a 'flowbee' ... they suck you in, and then chop you into little pieces ... (grin) ...

linuxhardware.org: linux system of the year.

cnet: congressman promises to change online copyright law. boucher and the dmca.

if you haven't read davosnewbies today, you should. and not just because he's a fellow princetonian (of sorts) ... but for that last paragraph.

reptile web server. [embedded python, php, cgi].

bbc: why forests need fires.

cisco: high speed long-reach ethernet.

python-url! jan. 7.

newsforge: nusphere introduces improved team development capabilities for deploying web-based applications. webdav.

can't remember if i linked this: the linux cookbook.

top xml: another way of avoiding an xslt processor crash.

cnet: vignette, purveyor of commercial content management systems, anticipates a loss.

xmlhack: new rdf/xml syntax spec.

freshmeat: treeline [python], anomy mail sanitizer [perl].

the register: how ms tax policy saves microsoft millions - ralph nader.

newforge: forcing linux on a crap presario laptop. such language.

newsforge: ez xml released [php].

os faq: the unix cheat sheet.

the nation: beyond jihad vs. mcworld.

bbc: dvd sales double in 2001. more foreign releases, please. the 'three colors' series, especially ...

times.uk: old art, new techniques.

congratulations to mike donnellan, of blackhole brain, editthispage pioneer.

santa fe new mexican: mediation is becoming an alternative to legal process.

times of india's slow today. i'll check for links later on.

ny times op-ed: safire draws his line in the sand.

ny times: new art form: artist-made computer game.

ny times: a hep c drug?

ny times: tribe prepares for renewed fight over gold mine.

ny times: americans feel the grip of recession.

reuters: verisign buys .tv domain for 45 mill.

thermometer out back says it's about 18 degrees, and the wind's howling. i'd put windchill at about zero right now.