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tue 08 jan 02

busy playing elsewhere. or should i say working?

weblog junior high gets a mention on metafilter; it's so 1999. i believe some of us predicted this a while ago ... 'everything old is new again' when the community grows substantially.

what an afternoon. i just did some amendments to a client's site, uploaded the changes. but then, on checking the site, nothing works. apparently, a system crash must have happened and the hosting company (not administrated by me) restored an ancient version of the site. no biggie, but a waste of a good hour or so ... what with trying to figure out what happened, and then uploading the latest version. i should have glanced at the dates on the server, but i know i'm the only one with access to the server. what could happen? frustration factor: 10. the entire day today has been like this. for every step forward, a couple back. and the lack of broadband or multiple (more than two) 'net hookups is keenly felt. i find i can easily keep three 'net connected machines fully engaged during the work day. don't ask me how, but i do.

nature: a solid that stops light.

os news: thoughts about imac pricing. i sucked in breath at the prices for the new imac; only because in comparing them to other deals on the market, they are premium. the question is, in this recession economy, will people pay?

freshmeat: x-cart [php shopping cart], pyreverse [python], fase4 rdf parser [php], sitenews.

reuters: activists avoid trial in california missile defense case. greenpeace has a page on this, but it's not up to date. the 'star wars 17' ... how catchy.

it comes to me that we have a serious addiction problem in america. buildings! everyone seems to have one. few people leave them for long. only a handful of folks ever contemplate sleeping or eating outside of one. addiction is a bad thing. we should ban buildings. been reading some very poor journalism again ...

political wire: bush donors prepare a new 'wish list.' big money sets the stage ...

link deleted. too common.

html goodies: so, you want your pages to be encrypted, huh?

bbc: saudia arabia is tearing down an ancient ottoman castle; turkey is upset - and rightfully so. we should all be upset. we revere the ruins of the conquering romans in western civilization ... this is no different.

webref: xhtml links and resources.

freshmeat: showimg, xmlto, adodb.

dpreview: anthrax mail cleaning zaps flash cards.

newsforge: schoolforge coalition formed. "a global coalition of online groups dedicated to promoting open resources in education."

infosync: review of the sharp zaurus.

boston globe: the six letter word. "... widely referred to as 'the n-word,' in many corners uttering its two syllables aloud is tantamount to yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater."

philly inquirer: is ambrose doomed for repeating history? "when judgments are made about plagiarism, the genre matters, and so does a possible intention to deceive the reader."

guardian.uk: a beautiful volkswagen factory ... in downtown dresden.

washington post: calder's wtc sculpture, found ... to be restored?

bbc: legal challenge to music contracts. "indentured servitude."

times of india: pakistan ballistic missile program received aid from chinese entities.

times of india: u.s. seeks to arrest 6,000 middle eastern men. "the justice department has identified about 6,000 middle eastern men who have ignored deportation orders and given their arrest top priority in efforts to find foreigners illegally remaining in this country ..."

times of india: bush shoots from the lip, again. our president needs more coaching on his foreign policy commentary. but, if you read the article, he's not alone.

directory of free cms systems. via serious instructional technology. i'll wager you can find three or four times this number by searching freshmeat and sourceforge ... in varying alpha, beta and release states. cms's are in fashion. even so, i haven't heard of about a third of these ... always good to compare and contrast.

santa fe new mexican: papers give new details on nazis' atom-bomb expert. in 1941, "heisenberg alerted bohr, his former mentor, to the existence of hitler's 'uranium club' ..."

ny times editorial: deficit politics returns. august 27, the new york times ran an article (now archived; see 'lockbox' on my page) which authoritatively showed that the bush tax cut was responsible for 2/3 of our shortfall in 2001, the economic slump 1/4. 'raising taxes', my eye ...

ny times arts: on leni riefenstahl.

ny times: seeking polynesia's beginnings in an archipelago of shards.

ny times: nj transit to raise rates by 10%. ah, gone are those days when i'd stand in the cold at princeton junction. gone are the days of being woken by a conductor intoning "NOO-erk. beautiful downtown NOO-erk. paradise on the passaic ..."

ny times: turkey, on the road to secularism, fears detour. a simmering pot, seemingly. will it cool, or will it boil? the 'veils vs. thongs' pic on the right is a powerful statement.

ny times: still digging for lost sons, after a million tons of pain.

reuters: man at chicago airport had "knives, a box cutter, flares and lighter fluid." copycats will abound, i guess.

reuters: u.s. to abide by nuclear test moratorium, for now.

sunny, 22, no wind ... thank goodness.