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wed 09 jan 02

ny times: justice department to form task force to investigate the collapse of enron.

tech-report: duron vs. celeron. they've been slashdotted, so be patient.

playing with me radio blog ...

two readers have been kind enough to give me some reasons to upgrade to windows xp. cleartype, bug fixes, boots and shuts down faster, etc. i haven't kept up with cleartype, so i'd best go read about it some.

wondering what the major automakers are doing with fuel cells today?

ananova: small world. the ottoman castle being knocked down in saudi arabia happens to be a bin laden family project.

ananova: beer batter can cut fish & chips fat levels.

ananova: airbag for skyscraper workers. would *you* have the guts to flop out of a 51st story window backwards?

freshmeat: dataminer [php].

amazon: "buck up, suck up ... and come back when you foul up: how to fight and win ... in business, in politics and in life." the crazy cajun is back in print.

zdnet.uk: alleged vote rigging by microsoft.

opera 5 final for mac classic.

baseml, offline content management system. xml.

newsforge: linux provides a cheaper alternative for schools in india.

slashdot: first official cd release of freebsd.

linuxdevices: royal lin@x pda.

chronicle of higher ed: setting right in a dangerous world.

salon: getting michael moore published.

guardian.uk: pop art will eat itself. "it's as if a talent for playing guitar correlates with an ability to excel at any art."

times of india: u.s. firms bid for trading arm of collapsed enron.

times of india: money can buy happiness.

ny times editorial: mr. bush, leave the clean air act alone. my title, not theirs.

ny times op-ed: what make a jury fair? race and religion as factors in jury selection. a good subject to ponder.

ny times: scythian gold from siberia said to predate the greeks.

ny times: 17 million copies of windows xp sold. i still haven't seen, read nor heard a single compelling reason why i should upgrade from win2k on my laptop. is xp faster? more stable? more secure? is file management better?

ny times: judge overrules decision to allow logging of burned trees in montana.

ny times: the vatican has announced secret trials for paedophilia cases. sounds very familiar somehow ... reminds me of recent military tribunal articles.

ny times: the bush administration throws its weight behind fuel cells for autos. a lot of nay-saying in this article, but if you've been watching the fuel cell market, there are great advances being made ... with some home fuel cell solutions going into commercial production this year. i'll repeat that: not tomorrow, not ten years from now. this year. a device the size of your refrigerator can take you off the grid and leave you power to spare. ten years is a long time, and the detroit carmakers are not the swiftest. i'll wait and see on this one, but i firmly believe our addiction to the internal combustion engine must end ... and soon.

reuters: pentagon recommends a sharp reduction in dependence on nuclear arms. even though they may not disassemble the warheads, i think this is a good move. i certainly prefer to have the absolute minimum of these deadly beasts hanging around in operational mode. here's the ny times on the strategy, as well.

reuters: former nuke plant worker arrested for threats. this guy owned over 200 weapons. i would assume they do background checks on nuke plant workers ... then again, it is dangerous to assume.

reuters: kodak forms new wireless technology company. i'm curious as to how kodak is going to survive the mass exodus to digital film. they've been quite proprietary about their products in the past, but that's going to be difficult from here out. they're not just up against fuji, agfa and polaroid now.

cnn: white house reveals enron contacts. the energy task force met *six times* with these jokers, and more. i'd say that calls our energy policy into question, wouldn't you?

gotta 'turn and burn' today. a great deal to accomplish.