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sun 13 jan 02

frustration. time to sleep.

csicop: multiverses (as opposed to uni-verses) and blackberries.

globe and mail: self-serve art in a cut-and-paste world.

santa fe new mexican: olympic torch passes through santa fe.

reuters: adam ant gets charged with "possession of a firearm or imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence."

reuters: greenspan still believes in the power of the 'new economy.'

a question for regulars: do you still want me to link the reuters print-compatible pages? it would save me time to just link the 'normal' ones. just wondering if the browser incompatibilities with reuters were over and done with.

cnn: yow. auditing firm arthur andersen ordered destruction of enron evidence.

now, what in heaven's name is going on in the world?

priorities: work, normal dm! linkage, theme creation.

the past four-five days of running two weblogs really gets to you. spreading myself too thin! normal linkage tomorrow here.

took a walk on the rail trail, setup for finishing the bathroom. now concentrating on work. sorry for the thin linkage.

continuing my bathroom painting today, but i *have* to get some exercise. linkage will appear after noontime today.