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tue 15 jan 02

i'd like to stay and link further, but i've got to go to bed early tonight. been burning too much of the personal midnight oil ...

yahoonews: exhibit pays homage to margaret bourke-white.

slashdot: teach yourself uml in 24 hours.

zdnet.uk: tests indicate linux could be a desktop solution. dos was, once upon a time.

the register: open-source developers face new warranty threat.

the register: do-it-yourself dsl.

freshmeat: java sql admin tool, waddlesoft message board.

bsd today: sponsorship of freebsd to return to its roots.

tom's hardware looks at 13 lcd monitors.

bbc: kit predicts time of labor for pregnant women.

bbc: walkout victory for iran reformists.

zope: zope 2.5b4.

yahoonews: bankruptcy is on the table for kmart. thanks, billsaysthis.

fyi, i had set up a new email account here, with javascript cloaking. i got my first internetseer spam on this account today; the only place i signed up to was yahoo groups. there are literally less than 20 messages in the IMAP box. either internetseer has a script to read html entities, or yahoo's insecure. i could create another mailbox, and test ... either way, i think i'll set up a response form on this site.

don't miss follow me here's response to lakefx's piece on cognitive therapy for depression. it's one of those situations where you wish the two would have time to set up a combined blog, and do direct back-and-forth a la hillman and ventura. flag raised by wood s lot.

i gotta run. see y'all later.

santa fe new mexican: police to share dwi information. this would be funny if it weren't so serious. "police across new mexico will be provided the identities of habitual drunken drivers to better keep an eye on them ..." we hear all the time about people being killed by drivers with several previous convictions. here's a flash: take away their driver's licenses. what happened to 'three strikes'?

ny times letters to the editor: reactions to the article on the nimitz suicides.

ny times books: debunking japan's myths of its exceptional self.

ny times science: new cosmic mysteries.

come to think of it, since moving to new mexico i can count on one hand the number of waterfowl i've seen. time for a visit to a large body of water, methinks.

ny times: bush administration rolls back clinton rules for wetlands. say what you will, this makes me more angry than a hundred enrons. pristine wetlands are more than just vital for migrating waterfowl and other wildlife. they need to not only be left alone, but to have a buffer zone with no human development around them. this bodes poorly for this administration's upcoming environmental decisions. 'no net loss' is just as solid a promise as 'no new taxes.'

ny times fashion: a collective that delivers the goods. fashion surrealism.

ny times: gennifer flowers, saloon singer.

ny times science: underground fires pose threat to land and climate. i'd says so. and how about that huge tire dump over in the south somewhere? isn't that still burning all these years later?

reuters: u.s. rescues russian commemorative group at south pole. an $80,000 bill for russia.

reuters: worm poses as microsoft update.

reuters: update your icq software.

got an all-morning meeting coming up. i'll link what i can.