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wed 16 jan 02

reuters: apple posts a profit, imac to spur sales. i agree with this quote, however: "it's very cool, but the price won't lead to market expansion."

cnn: increased security at gobbler's knob. 'guarding tess' can't hold a candle to 'defending phil.'

cnn: aids overwhelms vaccine in monkey trials.

hey, that's poetry ...

i'll be fooling with my ftp ports for zope in the next couple of days, seeing if i can hook radio 8 up in useful ways.

been busy over at the radio blog; sorry.

fresh from my stats, i find 1/10 of my visitors are still using netscape 4. with all the varied selections around, and the great appeal of the latest mozilla, i'm curious. why not update? what benefits does netscape 4 hold?

for mac users, an offhand note. transmit *is* faster than vicomsoft ftp client. for some of the wonky servers i hook up to, much faster.

viewfromtheheart takes the high road, whereas others take the easy way out: "daddy, why?" "because!" "because why?" "just because!"

bbc: laws to punish insecure software vendors. look at the pic.

newsforge: everyone's linux.

pc world: dram prices may be going up dramatically, soon.

in the rss channel, this says "all your texture maps are belong to us." understatement of the year. sgi transfers 3d graphics patents to microsoft. 3d gaming, watch out ...

macnn picks up radio userland 8.

wired: firm touts 'perfect compression.' thumbscrews.

unix review looks at the sun/cobalt qube 3.

rootprompt: blue tools for windows users moving to linux.

maccentral: apple releases iphoto applescripts.

cnet: court rules in favor of web providers. "federal regulators can limit the rates that utility companies charge cable operators for the use of utility poles to provide high-speed Internet access ..."

bbc: war on terror an excuse for 'curbing human rights.' "... an excuse to carry out repressive policies and crush on internal dissent."

webreference: xml parsing and loading from javascript.

javascript tip 'o the day: loading xml with javascript.

topxml: documenting your asp code with xml.

linux journal: the promise of radio paradise. not what you think. open-source radio broadcasting.

python 2.1.2.

new york post reports that the chandra levy probe is heating up ... in condit's direction. whether he's innocent or no, the dems have to separate themselves from this situation before election season.

politicalwire thinks campaign finance might have a chance in the house, now that enron is big news. check which senators received contributions from the enron pac.

andrea's got a new gallery together. a trip to the mosel.

guardian.uk: disney's diminishing?

irish times: bypassing the nashville handshake.

the progressive: 'the new mccarthyism.' the fbi visits an art museum.

devdepot has an in-car fm transmitter for ipod.

times of india: turkey asks u.s. to boost bilateral trade. support those who support reforms in islam; makes sense.

times of india: u.s. okays phalcon sale. india gets awacs and anti-missile tech.

santa fe new mexican: activitsts call for closure of the nuclear waste dump in los alamos.

ny times letters to the editor: russia's nuclear arsenal. now here's a big question mark.

ny times book review: 'public intellectuals, a study of decline.'

ny times: watch those herbs. kava kava may cause liver failure. "if you have to take kava every day, you've got a problem."

ny times: talk of a u.s. pullout from saudi arabia. this could be interesting. wouldn't this seem, in islamist eyes, that bin laden's won?

ny times: justices limit reach of arbitration law.

ny times: arthur andersen fires partner over enron. too quick, too convenient. grab his company records quick, before they expunge him from the databases.

reuters: treasury secretary o'neill says the 'financial war' against al-qaeda is working.

reuters: '.name' goes live.

reuters: video on the internet will take another four to five years to achieve ubiquity.

cnn: adam ant admitted to hospital, for long-standing manic depression. i hear hendrix ...

cnn: heavy u.s. medicine use generates concern. some interactions can be deadly.

css/edge, via a broadband bump.

papascott's gone 'matrix' on us.

the mountain ranges to the south are just beginning to peek out of the clouds, with a fresh coat of snow. none here, though.