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thu 17 jan 02

ananova: a four-legged chicken in saudi arabia. for john.

ananova: world's earliest photograph up for auction.

ananova: butterbur just as effective as antihistamines for hay fever.

earthwebdeveloper: functions in php.

bbc: ice 'thickening' in west antarctica, not thinning.

maccentral: macromedia posts a $10 mill loss. holy cow.

freshmeat: kde on cygwin.

slashdot: overclocking pentium 4's. 3.5, 3.6 Ghz.

been whacking on some radio themes. i'm baaa-aaack.

enough. time for work.

maccentral picks up radio userland.

onlamp continues series on 'automating network administration.'

freshmeat: nss-mysql, netrik [text-only browser].

the register: a silicon valley funeral for be, inc.

opensourceschools: what can the web do for scholarly publishing?

csmonitor: filmmakers flock to prague.

washington post: a palette full of plots.

the art newspaper: the changed contemporary art market.

guardian unlimited.uk: the british museum may be losing its marbles.

times of india: possible chemical weapons found in afghanistan.

times of india: food trucks robbed in afghanistan.

times of india: suspected al-qaeda trying to escape ... dressed as women.

times of india: the u.s. is flouting the geneva convention, as respects al-qaeda prisoners? this is the first i've heard of it, and i certainly don't sanction it.

ny times op-ed: enron and the gramms. i believe phil gramm has been mentioned as a possible successor for alan greenspan. lovely, eh?

ny times: clocks that won't miss a second in 20 million years.

ny times: i'll let others cover all the barking over enron. but this interested me: enron avoided paying income tax for four out of five years. forget enron; close the loophole. in the bigger picture, there has been a huge shift in federal revenues, from corporations to individuals in the last sixty years ... that needs to change.

reuters: bill gates calls for a new focus on security at microsoft. good grief. where's he been?

reuters: jobless claims fall.

cnn: pet lizards feed on dead owner. as i've mentioned before, during the various epidemics that swept europe, family pets and farm animals (pigs) regularly lunched on their freshly-deceased owners. nothing new here.

cnn: saddam hussein exercises a little bombast.

been up since 6 a.m. shoveling snow. not the onerous duty one might imagine; watching the sun rise, whilst engaging in healthy, honest work - is pure joy.