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fri 18 jan 02

it's a friday night, so i'm off to the movies. see ya mañaña.

yeah, well ... the haircut. i now look like your garden-variety poodle. i could be akc registered.

political wire: most politicians give enron money back, except those in texas.

zope: externalfile 0.8 released.

javascript tip 'o the day: asynch xml loading.

cnet: number of female web surfers growing at a greater rate than male web surfers.

mergemill. mac.

macnn: have a sonnet upgrade? the chip might not be what you think.

dp review: beginning of a trend? olympus officially announced the end of their 35mm OM camera line. i loved their advertising when the OM-1 came out, but sadly the camera's controls were just too tiny for my big fingers.

webreference: site review of the 2002 olympics.

sf weekly: virtual gutenberg.

moscow times: relearning the art of bell casting. "i can see it's hell's work ..."

gramophone: classical music deters vandals?

times of india: saudi arabia may ask the u.s. military to leave.

times of india: 6 held in attempted sale of uranium in belarus.

times of india: bin laden cell busted in a europe-wide sweep.

times of india: europe's first brothel for women goes bankrupt.

santa fe new mexican: dea cracks down on thc products. what happens if you're tying up your garden vegetables with hemp twine? 'fraid your kids'll be smokin' rope? love this: "at the longevity cafe, the owners are still selling hemp lip balm, but warn users not to lick their lips."

can't get through to the nytimes from here this morning. did the world end?

cnn: an interesting article to be posted, after the times of india article yesterday about our ignoring the geneva convention for al-qaeda suspects.

mike's got a radio theme together ...

busy this morning, and i get my ears lowered this afternoon.