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mon 21 jan 02

bbc: pogo is gogo.

bbc: can the dead sea get any more 'dead'?

ananova: new treatment for dyslexia?

ananova: australian researcher in skin cancer breakthrough.

ananova: 'king of the pharaohs' coffin to return home. 'echnaton?' do they mean ankhenaton?

some of the below links may suffer from 'aggro-rot' (old links), i haven't checked my habitual aggregator in a coupla days ...

zopenewbies has some recommendations for those on zope 2.4.x, in reference to python 2.1.2.

lockerrooms of santorini: python web programming, support for the book.

the register: windows file-wiping utilities fail.

dp review finally gives us their view of the nikon coolpix 5000. for 1g, try the sony dsc-f707.

freshmeat: niggle web app framework [java], pan [newsreader], myorgbook [php].

gentoo.org: if you've got a magnifying glass (small fonts), check the athlon/linux bug reported here.

o'reilly: think twice, red hat. you can say that again.

yahoonews/reuters: prime minister blair says 'no complaints' over guantanamo treatment of prisoners. defusing.

cnet: 'digital darwinism.' "broadband available in 2/3rds of the country" ... b.s.

guardian.uk: are you an intellectual? a great example of a totally-useless, self-serving survey.

the vocabula review: upsizing.

art newspaper: mozambican sculptors turn guns into art. just fyi, longwood gardens in kennett square, pennsylvania has an entire ballroom floored with wood milled from the stocks of world war one rifles. the gardens were set up by the duponts (of dupont gunpowder fame).

reuters: great title ... "right wing politicians seek the hobbit vote." in italy.

reuters: fleming suspends deliveries to k-mart. i hear a Titanic gurgling noise ...

reuters: remains of the world trade center to be repurposed. in china and india, at $120/ton.

times of india: "hey, you stink real good. wanna procreate?" what makes the muskrat guard his musk?

trying to post and beat deadlines again. you understand, i'm sure.

ny times: safire, the crimson birthmark. dancing on the edge of a precipice, at least for his conservative constituency.

ny times: masterpiece theatre goes cutting-edge?

ny times: lieberman feels the sting of criticism. what noone seems to be pointing out is, how widely and deeply PACs influence our government. it's not good. not good at all. big money talks, while we walk.

webtrends has *still* not recognized their new tracking code on this site. blast. i've had a note in to support since saturday. what, they don't work weekends?