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tue 22 jan 02

slashdot: browsing alone.

newsforge: open bsd 3 with ipfilter.

linuxsecurity.com: mozilla cookie exploit.

linux.ie: building a 1 terabyte linux rack server. cheap.

reuters: "despite its enormous potential for good, some of the degrading and damaging ways the internet can be used are already obvious to all."

sfgate: computer drafting and the changes it has wrought. via a faithful reader.

webtrendslive is picking up this site again.

linux orbit: building a suse linux 7.3 pc from scratch.

ananova: quercetin better than vitamin c at preventing cancer.


business 2.0: 'trouble at the core.' looking at apple, and the new imac.

macnn: scripttimer for applescript scheduling.

linuxlookup: tyan thunder k7 motherboard review.

new maillist: zope and python in medicine.

the register: how windows drove me to linux.

freshmeat: php-tree class, freetemplate [php], xml-dig [perl].

securityfocus: a guide to better password practices.

politicalwire links a washington post article about bush aid to enron. read the comments below; lots of good links ... and poetry?!!

html goodies: database basics, part one.

topxml: simple menu tree. ah-hah. an idea for something just bubbled up to the surface.

cnet: aol *not* bidding for red hat.

vaults of parnassus: albatross, web app toolkit. disappointed? i have to dig around and find some more greek island names ...

city journal: why the muslims misjudged us.

national post: 'channelled music from the spirit world.' someone hears john lennon's shade.

guardian.uk: lost in france?

national post online: when friends recommend books.

santa fe new mexican: design competition launched for the santa fe railyard. i hope they include walking spaces, green shaded ones.

ny times op-ed: thinkers in need of publishers. or, maybe ... 'thinkers in need of a paying audience.'

ny times: hawking's breakthrough still an enigma.

ny times: a swell article on inflammation. sorry.

ny times: enron is giving new fuel to the campaign finance debate. strike while the iron is hot.

ny times: cybercafes become gang-hangs. maybe they should be playing classical music outside ...

ny times: fashion directs away from the wishy-washy fussbudget, to the 'real man.'

reuters: whereas amazon posts its first-ever net profit.

reuters: the blue light dims. kmart files for bankruptcy. walmart and target were the real killers, imho. kmart just couldn't keep up. the recession just accelerated the decline.

waiting for the phone to begin ringing.