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wed 23 jan 02

sunset last night. my thought: "god paints with a *big* brush ..."

sunset on january 21, 2002.

slashdot: verisign buys .tv. 'dangerousmeta.tv' would be just too wierd.

macintouch reader report: microsoft windows xp at the u.s. post office.

freshmeat: dataminer [php].

o'reilly: how the wayback machine works.

attempting to refinance the house; appraiser's call means he's coming tomorrow. my break in blogging is due to a quick cleaning of the garage and office. i may have to post a picture for posterity; it ain't never looked like this.

ny post: mais oui, amélie!

of poets, prophets, and politics.

chronicle of higher education: once-trustworthy newspaper databases have become unreliable and frustrating. "almost 20 years' worth of newspaper history, a vital source of information for those studying history, politics, society, the media, and other subjects, is shot through with more holes than a block of swiss cheese." two sides to this; the rights should have been negotiated up-front, too. but it was new technology, the internet, a new 'use.' until it showed it's popularity, the argument for that 'use' was not clear. the past is being critiqued in pure 20/20 hindsight, with a little fashionable 'anti-copyright' flavor.

times of india: afghan girls [and boys ... ahem] get auctioned off in pakistan.

times of india: bush backs abortion opponents. "my administration opposes partial birth abortion and funding for abortion (and) we are against all forms of human cloning."

times of india: time is not right for phalcon sale to india, says u.s.

ny times opinion: camoflage on clean air. visit the grand canyon, now, and see how clean our air is ... how clean it should be. the westerlies blow the schmutz over from los angeles, and dump it in the canyon.

ny times letters to the editor: enron and the culture of greed. the 'little people' understand what went on, what's going on, no question.

ny times: the new york guitar festival.

ny times: for artists, a sanctuary from sept. 11. if you're a regular reader here, you'll know i linked this for a couple of days ... the santa fe art institute offered free residency to artists directly affected by sept. 11. it was a very generous move, and it has achieved it's purpose, i believe.

ny times: kennedy and bush negotiate on patients' rights. strange bedfellows? maybe not. maybe it's the new england heritage ... he was born in new haven, after all.

ny times: the detainees in cuba are in 'legal limbo' ... are they pow's, or are they merely terrorists?

reuters: why does anyone waste effort on mike tyson?

reuters: the congressional budget office forecasts a massive plunge into deficits. that's what happens when you bet on supply-side, as the bush tax cut did ... we've seen it before.

reuters: woz forms a startup.

whenever the news media mention 'american taliban', i keep blinking the 'american ninja' movies ...

cnn: stanley marcus, of nieman marcus fame, is dead.

cnn: *enron* posts security guards to stop shredding? isn't this like asking a rogue state to police their own human rights atrocities? put federal marshals in there, please.

ever have a really horrible project? the kind where you dread getting up every day and having to face it? where your completion schedule is linked to others, and others aren't exactly swift? where the only way out is through, but you can't get through due to circumstances beyond your control? i've got one of those babies right now ...