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sun 27 jan 02

zope 2.5 final released.

ny times: poll finds enron taint clings to republicans more than democrats.

reuters: i don't know; somehow i think forcing someone to eat 'fruit loops' might qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. especially if they have bad teeth.

cnn: the dalai lama has a lump, and pain, in his stomach. doesn't sound good.

linkage later.

also, dropping my membership in netflix. the turnaround time is too long from new mexico, making it more expensive than the local video store. i got merely six rentals in a month, with a ten day average turnaround (three here, between five to eight back). when they upgrade their prepaid mailing, i may look at it again.

thanks to those who have written in about my loss of dial-up. i think i may have found a way to repair the situation, at least for the near future. i am dropping another hosting account (really a playspace), and finally completely cutting off my aol access (was using the 9.95 isp option to save $). that should open up enough monthly cash for a good-quality second line. with all the other great free deals disappearing, i should have expected this. sadly, i did not.

new refrigerator issues in house today. do i go with stainless steel, and stare at a black side panel? do i go side-by-side? bottom-freezer? top-and-bottoms are less deep, and will allow more room in the small kitchen i have. back to sears again today, to make sure i have my measurements correct. that depth calculation seems to include handles ...