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mon 28 jan 02

finally got around to downloading and installing netscape 4.79, up from my old 4.77. wish i didn't have to ...

talk about 'mr. crankypants' ... that's me tonight. sorry.

i have to ask ... is anyone else getting loads of bogus 'kottke.org' in their referrers? every day, i'm getting three to five.

has mr. ashcroft ever taken an art appreciation course? what does our overly-sensitive attorney general think of michaelangelo's work in the sistine chapel, a holy place? the mind boggles. looking back in history, in 1916 the mint covered the naked breast of the standing liberty quarter; yep, we've made real progress, folks. for those who would cast aspersions at this analysis, what of bob dole and britney spears in pepsi commercials? is sex only o.k. when used for profit? easy, boy. now *that's* really sick, imho. but maybe 'winged victory of samothrace' would be better for the hall of justice. shows almost everything britney does, but is headless. leaving out the obvious pithy comment about 'airheads' ...

ananova: egypt receives stolen sarcophagus half from germany. as i suspected, 'echnaton' is the german term for who we in america call 'akhenaten', or amenhotep IV. i never knew they had found any evidence of his burial accoutrements.

ananova: microwave your contact lens case. i started out with one of those old round plug-in boilers and saline tablets ... anyone remember 'em?

a quick update to icab, 2.7.1. bugz.

don't know if susan ever linked this, but i ran across 'children of the manhattan project.' a wealth of info, if you're so inclined.

new mexico business weekly returns a pot shot at stewart alsop, for his comments about the 'unwireability' of santa fe and environs: "... alsop is vacationing. some of us are actually trying to run businesses here." amen, brothers and sisters.

reuters: verizon launches next-generation network. can't come too soon ...

new design/colorscheme at traumwind.

calebos is back. took me long enough to notice.

just some updates to the same-olds on freshmeat.

united flight 93 mystery home page.

the register: crippled athlon xp2000 beats northwood p4.

slashdot: power pc motherboards! build your own mac.

mac central: the new imacs are shipping.

political wire: who leaked the powell memo? or, given this administration's clampdown on leaks, why?

osopinion: how i managed to 'can the spam.' simple, clever. i love it. i'll try it.

zope: metapublisher 1.2.7 released, updated to work with zope 2.5.

globe and mail.ca: nbc, vodka ads, and liquor advertising on television.

ny times: how to read a 'how to read' book.

independent.uk: mp3 technology hits ... books.

santa fe new mexican: a dwi checkpoint set up in santa fe nabs six intoxicated individuals ... and seventeen 'undocumented' immigrants. a brouhaha begins.

times of india: a keyless keyboard.

times of india: u.s. to resume arms sales to india.

times of india: pakistani terrorist group holds a wall street journal reporter. graphic picture. looks like a browning hp?

ny times editorial: poor marks on the environment.

ny times: monsanto, alabama ... and pcb's. a doctor: "this is by far the most contaminated community as indicated by the levels in their blood that i've ever encountered." monsanto's lawyer: "we are all going to be exposed to things on a daily basis. our bodies can deal with it." good lord.

ny times: taxing cigarettes as a way to make up for state deficits.

ny times: the story of the unimplemented grand canyon rail system. if they don't do light rail, i would suggest propane or natural gas buses. the decrepit ones they're currently using are probably a danger. or how about fuel-cell buses? make it a showpiece of ingenuity.

ny times: detainees are not p.o.w.'s.

reuters: v.p. cheney won't turn over energy papers to the g.a.o. the new york times on the same subject.

reuters: robert redford to be awarded an 'honorary oscar.'

reuters: living near a landfill raises risk of birth defects.

reuters: teddy bears spread infection. what idiot doesn't realize stuffed animals store germs? have they never even read 'the velveteen rabbit'?

reuters: amd unveils a new processor for laptops.

reuters: a new email worm spreading; for microsoft users again.

reuters: toys-r-us is slimming down. further signs of recession; no toys for the kiddies.

ah, well. our unfortunate donkey only made it as high as #6 on daypop over the weekend. we'll try another meme sometime soon.

lots of items to take care of this morning. cloudy here, too.