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tue 29 jan 02

reuters: bush gives a 'state of the union' message for kids.

council for secular humanism: does morality require god?

cnn: florida town 'casts out satan.' alas, it's not that simple.

enrique morente, el indio gitano, gerardo núñez and others on the playlist tonight ... sometimes you need good bulerías ...

all sunsets here are beautiful ... but every so often (more often in winter) you get a real soul-shaker.

just got back from the p.o. - tried to hurry, but it was rush hour. we just had another of those completely-unphotographable gorgeous sunsets. the digital just hasn't got the range to pick it up. tried with the f4; we'll see how they come out. we've had slab clouds for the last two days, but to the west is the edge. the sun dropped below the edge, turning the entire sangre de cristo mountain range to red-orange. then, as the sun dropped further, multiple layers of clouds were revealed in a huge palette of shades ... particularly picking out the bottom haze layer that's laying over the jemez and sandia mountain ranges like fog. shot orange/yellow light through them. in the distance, the blue sky was ameliorated into a yellowish sea-green. purples, lavenders, blues, oranges, reds ... sparks and filigrees of yellow. the mountains subdued into a modeled set of purples, with rills of snow for contrast. only the naked eye, or possibly a brush and canvas, could ever capture tonight. watching the last vestiges now. i wish i could give this kind of experience as a gift to every critically-ill person who won't live out the night, to everyone heartsick and depressed, to everyone who needs a lift. it's a beauty rarely seen in a person's lifetime ... and santa fe is the only place i've ever experienced it. sunset from na pali on kauai was close; it had a different sort of grandeur. but this ... this is part of the earth, not some performance across an ocean expanse.

my referrer-log kottke.org mystery is solved. mozilla is my culprit.

the anti-bloggies are coming soon. get yer category suggestions in now.

handy place. cablingdirectory.com.

cnet: consumer confidence surges.

the register: cookie vulnerability on older mozilla and netscape browsers. if you're current, don't concern yourself.

linux world: best multi-boot utilities.

os news: an introduction to freebsd. built to serve.

silicon graphics: i drool for fuel.

newsforge: freebsd 4.5 stable.

dp review: sony cuts memory stick prices. get that 707 ...

freshmeat: zonemaster, mailsync, espx/tiny xsl toolkit [javascript], pydo [check that kwazy penguin ...].

maccentral: shutterfly intros photo archive cd. yeah, but what do *they* call high resolution?

political wire: bush, cheney overstating gao demands. article aggregated from wsj.

about.com: favorite web freebies.

camille paglia, 'the mighty river of classics.'

national post: how to win an oscar.

faz: fair, creative, and content.

times of india: moderate series of quakes hit los angeles.

times of india: bin laden had dialysis in pakistan. either he's dead, or follow the trail of smuggled medical goods.

santa fe new mexican: sierra club files brief over mining permit. the jemez mountains are really the remains of a very large volcano.

ny times editorial: justice at guantanamo.

ny times op-ed: we want facts, not opinion.

ny times: flamenco dares the unpredictable. flamenco is one of those art forms you either love or hate. just hearing the rhythms gets me in a sweat. i love it.

ny times: huge police presence for the economic forum.

ny times: bush says privacy needed on data from enron talks. "if all you have to do is create a task force, put the vice president in charge, detail people from different agencies paid by taxpayers, outreach to whomever you want and then you can circumvent congressional oversight, that's a loophole big enough to drive a truck through."

ny times: another big bankruptcy. makes me think of the reagan years again. a quote from richard darman, in reference to the 80's s&l crisis: "some of our most creative and energetic private sector talents are motivated to invent paper transactions that merely reward financial manipulators rather than expand private productive capacity. and in the world of fast-moving deals, institutions responsible for longer-term investment feel obligated to chase near-term financial plays." sound familiar? we've learned this lesson already; why must we keep repeating it?

ny times: yesterday, no. today, maybe? bush administration reconsiders detainee status. once again, the 'new world' policymakers are running up against the 'cold war' policymakers ... and we end up in an indecisive muddle.

reuters: sept. 11 has impacted the swiss army knife business.

taking delivery of the new refrigerator. sporadic linking.

cloudy again here! maybe snow tonight. something's moving in.