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thu 31 jan 02

ny times: "a grandeur inspired by the past." the works of john notman, architect. ivy hall is a hoot; it's not much bigger than a large garage. but the facade is well done. the princeton university campus, and princeton itself, is a highly recommended visit for architecture buffs. graves, venturi, many 18th and 19th century buildings. not many that i haven't snuck my way into when a rotten little kid, and know the secret nooks and crannies of.

times of india: rumsfeld denies split with powell over detainees.

times of india: bioport gets final anthrax vaccine clearance.

times of india: monkey moves cursor just by thinking.

santa fe new mexican: group opposes reintroducing buffalo to the new mexican plains. they're big. they're unpredictable. bring 'em back. we need some entertainment; new mexico's getting too tame.

reuters: ftc to crack down on 'deceptive' spam emails.

reuters: fetuses are children, says proposed federal rule. it might help to see the definition of fetus.

reuters: possibility exists of an al-qaeda attack using airliners against u.s. nuclear power plants.

salon: andrew sullivan's selective enron outage. to me, mr. sullivan's preference for lambasting mr. krugman isn't the headline here ... it's that our media is being directly influenced by pac's and other political bodies. if our sources of information are being managed in such fashion, who can we trust?

cnn: racing to save history in china; the three gorges dam puts everything on an accelerated timetable.

bbedit 6.5.2.

obviously, shoveling snow took the time i reserve for posting linkage. a trickle will come, inevitably ...

war posters.

this morning:

myself, wearing a dashing set of garbage-bag-and-masking-tape puttees.

view out the front door, first thing this morning.  ten degrees outside.

snow falling last evening:

snowstorm, january 30, 2002, evening.

okay, that was no fun. five inches, fine. ten inches? how much are snow blowers?

and occasional forays inside for something warm to drink ...

SNOW! and lots of it. have to go out and shovel.