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sun 03 feb 02

i was having a conversation with a pat-buchananesque friend last night, and he dropped a mind-bomb, for sure. "what if al-qaeda trained latin americans, and infiltrated america via already-established illegal immigrant channels?" a hell of a thought.

from july of last year, nuclear proliferation challenges in south asia. an interesting read to contrast with present u.s. foreign policy actions.

if you're not reading davosnewbies, you should be. a priceless quote today: "if it were poverty that shapes terrorism," said fukuyama, "all the terrorists would be coming from sub-saharan africa ..."

and what is the quality of *your* rubber sheets?

that *is* a perfect red bowl.

got a bunch of items to return to stores; superbowl sunday is the perfect time. town's empty.

the weekend is just screaming by.