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mon 04 feb 02

thanks for the spam, yahoo groups, but i'm not interested in 'animal love' ...

bbc: hitler's final witness.

videography: softimage offers open source interchange.

iwon: bush pushes renewable energy in new budget.

iwon: turkey becomes biggest imf beneficiary. "some economists have said the additional money for turkey came because of the nation's help in the u.s.-led war on terrorism -- a claim denied by both ankara and washington."

bbc: i blog, therefore i am.


the u.s. postal service has begun hawking undeliverable items on ebay.

radio netherlands: "bush meant what he said." the u-turn on iran bothers me, also. what an opportunity to toss aside!

philly inquirer: "imaginary axis threat."

yahoo/reuters: the american bar association backs tribunals, with conditions. "the aba has no enforcement power, and its statements are only recommendations."

back online again after an hour-and-a-half outage. called imeme; seems it may have been maintenance of some kind.

slashdot: securityfocus says windows is more secure than linux?

imaclinux.net: rehousing an imac. not for the squeamish ... (grin) ...

freshmeat: zorum portal [php], affiche [stickies clone].

guardian.uk: report calls for stricter checks on gm foods. "opponents have voiced concern that dna taken from cauliflower mosaic virus, which is used in some g.m. crops to enhance gene activity, might recombine with a plant's own genetic material to create new and potentially dangerous viruses." it strikes me that since we have few methods to control viruses, this kind of genetic modification is not an especially good idea ... esp. for foodstuffs.

chicago sun-times: "using enron to bash bush." does anyone else notice that the republican party lockstep seems to be losing rhythm? it seems sometimes that with no prominent dems to attack, the repubs devour their own ...

political wire: democratic senate challengers outpace gop incumbents. a little too soon to crow; it's a long time till november.

zope: zcomix, another content management framework for zope.

ny times magazine: the trouble with self-esteem.

prospect: a liberal tragedy.

art newspaper: art museums show little or no slump post-sept. 11.

nandotimes: computer technology no immediate threat to actors.

wired: philips burning on protection.

the new republic: making taste.

times of india: u.s. trims missile defense budget for 2003.

times of india: u.s. officials differ on libya policy.

times of india: ex-u.s. envoys cancel trip to north korea.

times of india: bill gates sees no economic recovery this year.

times of india: britons want charles to marry camilla, but don't want her as queen.

santa fe new mexican: draining the aquifer, a *solution*? i don't understand this at all.

ny times op-ed: sneak attack.

i assume you'll be reading about the bush budget, and the current enron hoo-hah yourselves. no need to repeat them.

ny times: i get the idea that america is bored to death. personally, i gave up watching other kids eat spiders and tightwire across gutters when i was about eight years old.

reuters runs an article on 'googlewhacking.'

cnn: china blasts bush for his 'axis of evil' comment. they pretty much nail the issues. i hope i can find a more discursive article.

a bit under the weather this morning. nothing specific; just lingering malaise.