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tue 05 feb 02

just a warning; i've got a really early meeting tomorrow ... you will not see linkage until about 11 a.m., mst gmt-7.

www.04.jp.org/. check the bitmap fonts and links.

vectorlounge is cool.

graphic freebies. watch out for popup ads.

hrs.ddb ... but what does it do? flash.

ananova: a dutch pissoir for the british?

ananova: looks like st. john's wort interferes with birth control pills.

ananova: a 4,000 year old trade route in the andes.

ananova: as if you didn't know, sunbeds increase your chances of skin cancer.

ananova: thousands of beds unsold as olympic games begin. a mormon friend was telling me about people in salt lake making their primary residences available to rent ... expecting to make a bundle. brokers have been lining up these deals for at least a year. b-u-s-t.

help: i've got a client who's hot to buy a new imac. anyone know who's got them in-stock immediately? or can deliver within two weeks? email me [over on the right, click my name].

reuters: republican senators find fault with u.s. diplomacy. if i am right, this is just the beginning ... armey's criticizing, these guys are sniping ... unless bush shuts 'em down hard.

reuters: new hampshire requests radiation sickness pills. scare people enough with the homeland security warnings, and this is only the beginning. i can't blame new hampshire! better safe than sorry.

reuters: bush brushes off demands for special prosecutor. hollings is right, however; we've got an enron government. we've got a monsanto, halliburton ... you get the picture ... government. campaign finance reform. now. please. otherwise i'll go buy thumbscrews ...

cnn: the armey against bush. i somehow doubt the repubs would feel this is a boost for clinton, but the hatred might be lingering.

or maybe i should say i'm a reforming control freak. each day is a new lesson on the road to normalcy. [*snort*]

sometimes being a small outfit really rots. every so often, i get the urge to chuck it all and go full-time someplace. today's one of those days. one gets tired of being programmer, accountant, designer, salesperson, postal clerk, consultant, receptionist, delivery boy ... you get the idea. the buck always stops here; there's no reprieve, no letup. one must be 'on' at all times. it gets wearing, esp. when you're a control freak like i am (oh, yes. i know what i am ... i apologize for it regularly ).

then, a phone call can restore light and hope.

y'know, one email can change your world from a happy place, to a pit of despair.

a kind reader realized i hadn't seen any of the superbowl, so he sent me a link to all the commercials ... so i wouldn't miss anything important ... (grin) ...

tuxppc: comparing os security. an independent response to the 'windows is more secure than linux' article and controversy of yesterday.

newsforge: bringing cheap email to the masses using linux.

exif 2.2 standard.

morphon css editor updated. java.


o'reilly: introduction to make.

open bsd: using active ftp clients through an openbsd 3.0 firewall

salon: lost tibet. my title, not theirs.

webref: svg, open for business.

html goodies: database basics, part three.

gephardt, to me, is unelectable ... for president. just a random thought.

upi: al-qaeda may have tried to kill president clinton, two years ago.

nandotimes: for those who owned tivo, 'instant replaying' britney spears was more popular than replaying football plays. in a sense, you could say people watch football 'just for the commercials' ... ?

boston herald: for 'sweeps' week, pbs is giving us a 'frontline' special entitled: "american porn." "... pornography, a multibillion-dollar business, has become a mainstream moneymaker as big corporations such as marriott, at&t and yahoo! reap profits from selling smut."

washington post: bush budget raises funding for arts & cultural institutions. including the n.e.a, if you can believe it.

the times.uk: for opera, cross the channel.

times of india: iraq ready for unconditional dialogue with u.n., says arab league.

times of india: secrets of the oracles of delphi exposed. i thought i saw this a year or so ago, but maybe it was just a theory then. looks like the oracles had a real gas ...

times of india: 151 million to india, 305 million to pakistan ... in bush's budget.

ny times: physicists find nothing, and are happy. squarks, selectrons, sparticles ...

ny times analysis of the bush budget. "their [the republicans' and the administration's] goal last year was not simply to return money to the hands of the american people, but to starve the beast, to take all the money off the table," said thomas s. kahn, staff director for the democrats on the house budget committee. "they did a good job of it. and not only are they not chastened, but they are emboldened to do more." just as i feared last year; you can't spend what you don't have. beware, social security; you may become a patriotic casualty of the 'war on terrorism.'

ny times: the enron 'quick fortune' deals reminds some of michael milken and the junk bond schemes ...

ny times: restoration of leonardo ruled out.

ny times: everything old is new again in the fashion world ... and how many times have we heard *that* old saw?

cnn: ntsb scrutinizing yaw damper in airbuses. i buy the theory, but still believe that composites need more stringent inspections when used in commercial fleets.

dvorak comments on weblogs, but i disagree about the cat pictures. they seem to be on the rise lately. another fluffy 'overview' by someone way outside the community. via scriptingnews.

i see mozilla 0.9.8 is out. that's the first thing i did this morning ... update both mac and win systems.

watched 'the red violin' on dvd last night. a very layered film, but it didn't grab emotions as i thought it should. maybe it was my mood ...

snowing lightly here. just a dusting on the ground so far; gotta dig out the nws radio and see what's forecast.