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thu 07 feb 02

cnn: presidential tapes, kennedy saw nukes as a deterrent. does that make it all ok? sometimes i wonder. the democratic party oftentimes seems as if it asks itself, 'what, in this situation, would kennedy do?' jfk's 40 years in the past; we live in a different world, at a different time. move on.

ananova: peter rabbit arrives on american shores.

mac central: quicktime downloads surpass realplayer. good news.

inessential. essential. sets the mind going ...

well, linkage was supposed to be thin. a bookmarklet is speeding up my postings.

slashdot: sun unveils more linux strategies. thanks for the heads up, ray.

zopenewbies: time to go to the bookstore: zope in the press.

ibm developerworks: intro to cfengine for system administration.

freshmeat: tnews [php], atomic photo album [php], xemacs auf deutsch [intro to xemacs in german].

the register: the u.s. votes on the proposed microsoft/department of justice settlement. 2/1 against.

linuxlookup: reviews :: the book of zope.

chronicle of higher ed: faith and diversity in american religion.

nando times: using a 'time machine' to fit more commercials in.

asia times: restoring the culture of devastated afghanistan.

times of india: russia 'unconditionally' backs india against pakistan on terrorism.

santa fe new mexican: reciting the pledge of allegiance, part two.

ny times op-ed: safire. "i'm above accuracy; i'm popular."

ny times op-ed: the olympics and old glory. just so.

ny times: in less than two years, salmonella has built resistance to cipro. that's not good news; not good at all.

ny times: the republicans are worried about the possible ban on soft money donations.

ny times: more get rich, and pay less in taxes. fewer got poorer, but paid more in taxes.

ny times: update on the kursk recovery.

ny times: new twist on physicist's role in nazi atomic program.

someone has too much time on their hands. via adam curry.

reuters: wal-mart up, techs down. i should have invested when i told papascott not to worry about the american economy, and watch wal-mart. i'd have made a tidy sum.

cnn: the amtrak breakup plan. after thirteen years of doing the train between princeton and manhattan, i don't think the breakup will work. why? infrastructure. oh, immediately after the breakup you'll get a lot of activity ... but in five to ten years, the prices'll get hiked through the roof, service will be worse than today. i'm think of the northeast corridor alone; so much modernization needs to take place to realize real efficiency ... i believe only the government has deep enough pockets to do it. tracks and overhead electrics need a lot of maintenance.

bbc: the 'ice man' died of an arrow wound, not exposure.

a new look at interestingmonstah ...

got a noisy g3/g4? here's an idea for peace and quiet.

time to prepare for a presentation at one p.m. thin linkage today.