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sat 09 feb 02

counterpunch: criticize cheney, go to jail.

investors.com: e-learning has new lessons.

la times: china's not keen on american genetically-modified crops. "... more than 70% of u.s. soybeans are genetically modified."

the new york times lists websites reporting on the olympics.

the invention of the marine chronometer, and the discovery of longitude.

outdoors magic: altitude sickness more common than thought.. "... three of every four healthy, recreational climbers have mild subclinical HAPE shortly after a modest climb."

men's fitness: avoid gym flu.

singapore business times:
farming and legitimate bribery in the u.s.

ananova: fish like music. so scientists are playing barry white to dogfish. you can't make up stuff like this.

ananova: scientists turn fat cells into cartilage. great news for knee injuries.

reuters: meuhlegg was *amazing* today. makes you wonder if some have misjudged the altitude of salt lake.

just bought 'the book of zope.' looks tasty.

doug's applescripts: itunes library manager. scroll down; lots of other neat scripts here too.

for black history month, and in order to further my own knowledge, i'll do a little digging each day. here's my first: crispus attucks. and the front page of the trial manuscript. i'll be looking for those people and events that are unknown to me.

overstated: top 25 meme producers. "instead of biasing originality on consistency, this value relates the propensity of an individual to find and curate powerful ideas."

these boots look like they'd fit the bill.

maccentral: there goes the neighborhood. aol for os x available.

cnet drops a fig for meg: 'computer science's gender gap.'

guardian.uk: e.u. commissioner lays into bush's america. "it is humiliating and demeaning if we feel we have to go and get our homework marked by dick cheney and condi rice."

political wire: white house delineates an 'enron strategy'. but the comments below the posting are more interesting.

the spectator: the price of freedom.

times of india: u.s. to expel 1,000 middle eastern and pakistani immigrants. under the 'absconder apprehension initiative', 314,000 stand marked for ejection.

ny times books: new releases look at edward abbey.

ny times: challenging the dogmas of free trade. interesting.

ny times: looks like asa hutchinson is behind the ban on hemp in food. i'd like to see someone do a calculation on how many snack bars you'd have to eat to get a detectable amount of thc in your blood.

ny times: coalition forms to reverse rising tide of uninsured americans. health care insurance costs.

santa fe new mexican: lloyd kiva new, founder of the institute for american indian arts, is dead.

cnn: all hail king momo samba! carnival begins in rio.

cnn: britain's princess margaret has died.

antipixel gets a 'cool spot of the day' award.

happy birthday, pappa scott!

picked up a 'backpacker' mag last night, looking for boots.