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sun 10 feb 02

we need a commentator or two like phil liggett. someone who knows when to be enthusiastic, who knows how to make a good informative comment ... and who knows when to shut the hell up. his coverage of the tour de france is legendary.

been watchin' the olympics. sorry for the lack of linkage. the commentating is guaranteed to lower one's iq. the sole neat technique i saw was superimposing digital images of two different skiers running the same stretch of mountain; that was very informative. that's the *only* thing i've considered an improvement on past years' coverage. the 'strobe' effect of using digital video on high-speed sports can be quite disconcerting at times, however. i call the guy who narrates skiing "the shriek", costas is "the stump" ... working on nicknames for the others.

i've never seen treepad before. as neat as i thought 'the brain' was, i got too deep too fast. this might fit the bill. thanks, calebos!

guardian.uk: 'my forbidden face', by latifa. an account of the taliban takeover of kabul. read it; that's all i can say.

times of india: anything you want, you can find it on the net. even websites that offer contract killings.

times of india: algerian opens the door on al-qaeda operatives in europe.

times of india: argentina to close embassies and consulates, to save $$.

ny times: if shakespeare didn't, who did? ah, but you see, it's so much more tangled than that. you have to go into the history of the knights templar and the holy grail ... (erk) ... bows to eco.

ny times: safire's conan doyle fans must have gotten the editorial staff in a playful mood. another allusion.

ny times: poultry industry quietly cuts back on antibiotic use. some have been using fluoroquinolones, related to cipro ... cipro's one of our 'last bastions' against resistant bacteria. i'd say this is important enough to warrant oversight or regulation, wouldn't you? another thought ... we sued the tobacco companies. will the day come when we will file a class action suit against meat producers for wrongful death? i'd imagine the industry must be aware of the possibility, however remote.

guardian.uk: men don't need women to procreate? via overstated.

sun's bright, the harsh winds have softened a bit. yesterday, semi's were getting turned over east and north of us. gusts over 50 mph. march is santa fe's usual 'month of wind.' the constant howling can really make you bonkers.