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tue 12 feb 02

moose goo.

discover: the chemistry of mummies.

velonews: cyclist breaks 'code of silence' in ferrari trial. this could affect lance armstrong's rep; watch this trial.

ibm developerworks: embed binary data in xml documents three ways.

hp world compares win xp and linux on two identical laptops.

htmlgoodies: database basics, part four.

free alien skin eyecandy 3.0. found via deal-mac.

zope: nuxwidgets released.

reuters: .us domain available in april.

phillis wheatley, first black woman published in america. 1773.

having some fun with zope page templates tonight. never really used them much; my mistake.

macnn plugs susan kitchens' 'bryce camp.'

freshmeat: papercut news server [python].

for my friends in canada [and others], remember the oksana baiul/nancy kerrigan decision at the 1994 olympics?

cnet: missed this yesterday ... microsoft plugs browser holes.


nandotimes: fda to investigate liver toxicity of kava.

wired: eating healthy can make you sick. there are a lot of these types in uber-health-conscious santa fe. printing this baby for future reference.

bbc: the british are on the front lines for patents ... some charity wants to patent salted chips! fish 'n' chip shops would have to pay royalties! well, not really ... but read the article.

iwon: civil rights panel assails bush record.

ny post: artifacts of racism tell an ugly tale. it's past time to retire aunt jemima.

scotsman online, opinion: risks of gm food. right on.

msnbc: associated press: hundreds lost, not thousands. in reference to reported civilian casualties in afghanistan.

reuters: kissinger, nixon: elder bush 'too weak' for china.

pc world: will anonymous e-mail become a casualty of war?.

slashdot: information arts.

freshmeat: phpsecurepages, mailscanner.

linux programming: python-url!.

netscape/reuters: scientists discover jurassic dinosaur vomit. regurgitation might be a more accurate headline, though. i doubt the dinosaur was 'sick.'

webref: reading dtd's with javascript.

maccentral: 'quill' biomechanical mouse coming to the mac.

cnet news.com: ftc goes after spammers.

zope: first release of emil_email_client.

guardian.uk: are we 'hardwired' for god?

chronicle of higher ed: new england loses its edge in higher education.

la times: studios assail replaytv technology. "... replaytv 4000's expanded storage and sorting features encourage consumers to assemble libraries of copyrighted material ..."

times of india: u.s. may strengthen surveillance of foreign students.

times of india: u.s. mulls military action against iraq.

santa fe new mexican: girls and math shouldn't be a non-sequitur.

ny times editorial: iran and the 'axis of evil.' my, we are being tender of the administration. in the absence of other information, the act of calling the three nations an 'axis of evil' seems only to increase the overall level of angst.

ny times: storm in mexico devastates monarch butterfly colonies. so very sad.

ny times: boats vs. manatees. the boats get fined; the manatees lose their lives.

ny times: trumped up ecoterrorism, an arsonist's tale.

ny times: g.o.p. studies new rules on companies. "... are circulating a draft that would create an independent body to oversee the accounting industry ..." whoa, nellie. i thought "the market is rational, and the government is dumb." [dick armey].

ny times: white house is quietly backing foes of the campaign finance bill.

cnn: migraines might start in the teeth?

yaccs now has commenting available for radio.userland.

the winners of the anti-bloggies.

rootless at the moment. need to set up a punch list for today.