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wed 13 feb 02

reuters: waylon is gone. start wailin'. we'll miss him too, jesse. the 70's 'outlaws' record was my intro to his work. via blivet.

ananova: wanna taste 2500 year old wine? yeah, but who knows. might make a tasty vinaigrette.

ananova: crossword puzzles could stave off alzheimer's. i wonder what that means for hyper-webnews-junkies ...

ananova: cardboard stereo speakers.

ananova: scotland bans fox hunting. so, get sony to design a fox-colored aibo, strap a turbocharger on it, and voila ...

reuters: web users not interested in paying for e-cards.

reuters: film takes a tough look at vatican holocaust silence.

reuters: ashcroft orders immigrant checks on gun buyers. but remember, last july, ashcroft proposed reducing the amount of time background checks are kept on file from 90 days to 24 hours. does mr. ashcroft revere our safety more than the happiness of his political contributors? somehow, it doesn't seem that way.

reuters: campaign finance overhaul wins first house test.

short program deductions in pairs skating. best i can find at the moment.

6.0 skate magazine looks at the controversy over the vancouver skating championships. and, espn looks specifically at the performances. sale singled a double-axel, which the judges seem to not have deducted for. i had overheard the russian coach mention something controversial about the previous championships. also, read 'inside edge' by christine brennan. it doesn't excuse the judging, but it explains things better than any media source online.

service bulletin: tomorrow, from 3 pm mst gmt-7 to approximately 6 pm, dangerousmeta! will be down while my host upgrades the server. more and faster ram, much faster processor. i look forward to it. restated; sorry for the confusion.

cnn: top 15 office pc's.

freshmeat: script runner [php], freetype.

the register: serious snmp security holes.

the new yorker: surrealism revisited.

times of india: sir rudy.

times of india: uae bans 'harry potter' in private schools.

ny times: decision day for undecided republicans [campaign finance].

ny times: house g.o.p. leaders push rival campaign finance bill.

times of india: allies should respect 'u.s. leadership.' powell seems to join the 'our way, or the highway' attitude.

ny times: turkey will not 'tolerate' unilateralist action by the u.s. against iraq. bush is putting a lot of countries, a lot of leaders, in a really tight spot.

reuters: president bush has decided to oust saddam hussein. "he's going to inform them that the president's decision has been made and will be carried out, and if they want some input into how and when it's carried out, now's the time for them to speak up." who's the dictator?

from the referrer log: pallalink.

how to you know you're working too hard? when you dream about valid xml. time for a break, i think.