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thu 14 feb 02

looks like 'web pages that suck' has a radio weblog. and it uses tables ...

sports illustrated: yagudin!

entrepreneur: top 10 patent myths.

science daily: plants inherit traits from more than gene sequence alone. ah, the beautiful intricacy that is our world.

unisci: mathematicians seek better way to map human brain.

iwon: u.s. proceeds with sale of missiles to egypt.

digital chosun: human rights in north korea.

abcnews: homocysteine a risk factor for alzheimer's.

csm: america's black muslims close a rift.

japan today: they may not have democracy, but the afghans can now get pornography. great first wave of westernization, hmmm?

cnet: paypal makes 70 mill in i.p.o.

ananova: best proof yet for 'dinosaur/bird link'.

ananova: remember 'fox on the run'? the sweet's drummer, mick tucker, has passed away from leukaemia.

ananova: for valentine's day, how about having a moose crash through your roof?

i was stopped by a soldier he said "you are a swine"
he hit me with his rifle and he kicked me in the groin
i bowed and i scraped, sure my manners were polite
ah, but all the time I was thinking of me little armalite!
- little armalite, irish.

i'm back. miss me? faster, too. noticeably. for you?

service update: changed time ... dangerousmeta! will be down from 11 a.m. mst to approximately 2 p.m. mst today. i keep getting my time zones mixed up.

the register: keygen for xp.

ibm developerworks: managing processes and threads.

salon: skategate. pfffft.

sitepoint: advanced email in php.

zope: update to 'the zope book' for zope 2.5. download the additions.

os opinion: quicktime 6 changes everything.

the american prospect: beat the press, or does the white house have a blacklist?

elearning site: internet time group. i like this 'jump page' concept very much.

speaking of which, someday i'd like to see aretha live. it's easy to listen to her records, but to imagine those pipes in the same room ... geez.

denver post: high tech ability to mask shortcomings puts musical talent in a minor key. once upon a time, in the late 70's, we would walk out of any concert where prerecorded elements were used. the emphasis was on honesty, in a live atmosphere. somewhere along the way, that immediacy got lost. puts me in mind of faith hill, pop country diva. all her albums are way-overproduced, not even a blip on my radar ... but hearing her a capella on a cellphone commercial, i couldn't help but wish she would do a 'clean' all-acoustic album. or to hear her with minimal accompaniment in a small venue.

ny times: literary davids among goliaths. in praise of the small press. speaking of small press, read acme bookbinding news, from our friend craig of booknotes.

msn: wolfgang amadeus copycat? watch what you say; i think 'wolfy' would be a napster user today ...

times of india: bush unveils global warming plan.

times of india: i'm speechless. u.s. planes rain $100 bills on afghanistan. what in god's name is this supposed to accomplish?

ny times letters to the editor: pas de deux, or a travesty on ice?

ny times: talking more, but enjoying it less. the poor performance of cell phone networks.

ny times: house g.o.p. pushing tax cuts again. it's like saying, "hey, we're broke. break out the charge cards ..."

ny times: bush's hard line with north korea. "former american officials who have negotiated with north korea have said that the administration's strategy is a virtual prescription for deadlock and that the north koreans, while difficult negotiating partners, have kept to previous commitments."

santa fe new mexican: bill finds loophole to deter cockfighting. yep, life has a way of swatting you in the rear. here i made jokes about scotland yesterday ... when new mexico really needs to clean up its act.

reuters: microsoft security patch ineffective. oh, shock ... oh, disbelief.

reuters: campaign finance reform passes in the house! the new york times has more info.

happy valentine's day. a world away from valentine's day last year; today we get an alert to be on the lookout for teddy bear bombs.