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sat 16 feb 02

thanks to the many folks who pointed out that twelve 128kbps audio streams will bring a t1 to its knees.

the news seems all of woe tonight. sorry.

ananova: sea level rise 'seriously underestimated.' sell that shore house.

ananova: don't eat your vegetables. well, maybe not. there may be a link between gastro-esophageal cancers and veggies high in nitrates.

cnn: rottweilers kill wisconsin girl. *six* rottweilers. talk about one of my worst nightmares. jesus. poor kid.

cnn: the georgia crematorium story's gonna blow wide open in the next couple of days.

once again, after going out to eat, i'm upset by the quality of dreck i've been forced to pay for. i never thought i was a decent cook, but compared to what i had to eat tonight (for 8 bucks) ... i don't do too bad a job. green chile stew is supposed to have green chile *in* it, right ... ?

the online ledger: cow bingo? poor cow. must be all pooped out.

just fyi, about half my referrers in the last week seem to be coming from the 'international' googles. how boring.

yet another linux faq.

mozilla quest: resurrect that old pc with a renaissance motherboard-on-a-card.

computer bits: business linux. or, how to set up a linux webserver for your small business.

guardian.uk: baby with selected gene born in britain. a 'designer' baby.

webref: reading dtd's with javascript.

new custom filter for photoshop.

linux orbit: troubleshooting sound cards under linux.

dp review: sony icx413aq six megapixel ccd.

onlamp: stackless python, reincarnated. via zopenewbies.

just went to an office yesterday with a couple of slower-than-death t1 pipes. i noticed everyone had some sort of music filtering in from their computers. just curious; how many 128kb streaming feeds does it take to slow down a t1?

risked-online: risk, science and society.

from that previous article, check out the 'concerned women for america.'

times of india: powell under heavy fire for condom comments.

times of india: u.s. shipping military equipment to india. aircraft engines and radar.

ny times op-ed: backward on global warming. *sigh* bad enough to fiddle while rome burns, but to fiddle when our *world* will burn?

ny times: new treasures online, concerning abraham lincoln. the last poem is priceless. who thinks politics has changed?

enron owns the g.o.p. website.

ny times: controversy over the 'enronownsthegop.com' website.

ny times: internet offering soars, just like old times. paypal.

ny times: allies hear sour notes in 'axis of evil' chorus.

ny times: hey, some real information on the 'skating scandal.'

santa fe new mexican: don't go sledding on ski runs.

santa fe new mexican: the continuing drama of burro alley is hurting local business. gas leaks! semi-permanent construction!

reuters: france calls for judging reform.

reuters: judge says microsoft has to cough up the code.

seems warm here today. going to find some trouble to get into. might require rollerblades.