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sun 17 feb 02

pravda: well, maybe not everyone. interesting that, in the case of a tie, the short program marks should be the decisive ones ... if i understand this correctly. so the canadians shouldn't have gotten gold medals. i'll have to dig and verify that little tidbit ...

everybody happy?

well, i've got a css version of the userland calendar working. you can tear it apart here. i would have posted it via radio, but it seems after i setup category ftp options, my app isn't upstreaming anymore ... it's doing wierd stuff. i probably broke it. i'll spend some time and try to fix things tomorrow. later: radio's working again, no thanks to me. and it seems mac ie 5.x doesn't like 'overflow:hidden'. so here's another try.

cnn: fiji coup leader sentenced to hanging. at least they're not going to eat him ... (and if you don't understand the allusion, don't worry about it.)

etp seems slow at the moment, but when it comes back up ... you might want to read scott's take on olympics coverage in germany.

washington post: priceville, ontario ... a whitewashing of history. "we as canadians trot around and say, 'americans are so racist. look at the segregation down south. look at the lynchings.' but it was just as bad in canada."

washington post: europe adamantly opposed to any u.s attack on iraq. "... people watched with amazement as this [u.s.] global military machine meshed. and there is fear of that power."

washington post: debating 'the enron effect.' how the business world views the enron crisis. a good read for a sunday. "we know that lots of people were playing fast and loose with the rules ... there's too many of them to believe it's a random, isolated event."

ananova: 'nose cells' may help the paralyzed walk again.

ananova: genetically predisposed to being 'grumpy'?

ananova: global warming 'unstoppable' for the next 100 years. doesn't mean we shouldn't take steps now to reduce emissions.

ananova: looks like bogota, colombia has a problem with real vampires. one could look at it another way, i guess ... they'll be dead of AIDS very soon.

slashdot points to the updated mozilla development roadmap.

the zope public license is now certified as 'open source'.

mysql update: 3.23.49.

xmlhack: new o'reilly book, 'python and xml.'

musharraf berates muslim world. "today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race." well now, that's throwing a snake in amongst the horses ...

bbc sci/tech: a genetically-modified bacteria, contained in a mouthwash, may stop tooth decay.

wilson quarterly: the puzzling persistence of nationalism.

times of india: li denies involvement in bugging of presidential aircraft. i guess our intelligence agencies are cleared of this one.

times of india: man survives fall and burial in a 'peanut pile.'

times of india: u.s. missile test fails.

times of india: want to learn how to use an ak-47? try a mosque in north london.

ny times op-ed: a corporate fear of too much truth. a great piece. "... exemplary leaders reward dissent. they encourage it. they understand that, whatever momentary discomfort they experience as a result of being told they might be wrong, it is more than offset by the fact that the information will help them make better decisions."

ny times letters to the editor: in america, where business is king. "success leads some managers and entrepreneurs to believe that their talents and skills, their very persons, put them above everyone else." ain't that the truth.

ny times letters to the editor: intelligent design and evolution. good point. if 'intelligent design' is to be taken seriously, then it has to deal with the issue of the creator's creator ... and beyond.

ny times: congress debates the technical merits of the tax cut. merits?!!

ny times: foes of campaign finance plot legal attack.

ny times: the body count at the georgia crematorium is up to 120, and could double. "we have laws against desecrating graves, but we can't find one against desecration of bodies ... i guess nobody in the legislature ever thought something like this could happen."

ny times: fury aside, russian skaters see an upside.

reuters: the article is titled 'cyberbabes and orgasmatrons', but it's really about predictions for the future. sounds heavily influenced by existing science fiction.

cnn: september 11 link to deadly tennessee crash? mighty curious.

seems even warmer today than yesterday. still hoping for more snow or precipitation of *some kind*, just to ward off a summer drought ...