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mon 18 feb 02

ananova: aliens know we're here.

ananova: 'hammerhead' dinosaur found, with transverse jaw and 1,000 teeth.

as our president promises seemingly everyone on his 'butter-up' list a dose of missile defense, i wonder ... is it free, or will the country have to pay for it? a global protection racket?

times of india: plastics used in i.v. tubes, other paraphernalia can cause health problems. they specifically point out the effects on newborns in neo-natal i.c.u.

reuters: british marines lose their way, and invade spain.

reuters: bush misstates 'devaluation' for 'deflation', sends the yen downwards. no, it isn't a joke.

cnn: virtual e-mail shredders.

o'reilly linux devcenter: advanced makefiles.

linux journal: xslt powers a new wave of web applications.

vaults of parnassus: python html architect, an html templating system.

zope.org: textindexng tp1 released. extends zcatalog.

guardian.uk: the puritan paradox. america has a curious relationship with the puritans. this article doesn't really address that, but talks about the puritan view of art and culture; and that view is not what you might expect. the big question: would they burn harry potter?

ny times: record labels' answer to napster still doesn't give artists a dime. well, maybe a fraction of a cent.

ny times: getting tangible dollars for intangible creations. cyberart.

times of india: bin laden's satellite telephone billing records are helping the u.s. track al-qaeda cells.

times of india: u.s. wants a regime change in iraq, even if u.n. inspectors are allowed back in the country.

times of india: fiji coup leader's death sentence commuted to life in prison.

ny times op-ed: ending the oil addiction. nope, we can't drill our way out of dependency. but i also wonder: do the editors of the new york times drive energy-efficient cars, or suv's? (to be fair, they may just use the subway ...)

ny times: elusive heroine of the baroque. for more focus: the life and art of artemisia gentileschi.

ny times: despite a ban, teaching safe abortion in kenya.

new york times: incorporate in bermuda, pay no tax.

santa fe new mexican: the concealed handgun issue is a hot one in santa fe.

reuters: here's a twist ... the french judge says she was being pressured into voting for the *canadians*, and honestly preferred the russian performance.

cnn: arlington cemetery expands. planning for the future.

cnn: howard k. smith has passed away. much information i hadn't known about this newscaster.

spam faxes at 2 a.m., when you run a home office ... are not welcome.