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tue 19 feb 02

i just *hate* it when zope tells me i've just performed a non-undoable transaction. in this case, two hours down the tubes. rats. my fault, really ...

in these times: europe's right turn. "george w. bush's long war has dramatically accelerated the brown-shirted emotions of xenophobia, racism and anti-immigrant hysteria all across the continent."

foreign policy: the rise of complex terrorism. how i missed this, i don't know. read it. "... when we look back years from now, we may recognize that the attacks had a critical effect on another kind of network that we've created among ourselves: a tightly coupled, very unstable, and highly nonlinear psychological network."

atlantic monthly: don't know how long this has been up, but it's priceless: my sixty days in greece: the olympic games, old and new, by ... get this ... basil l. gildersleeve. 1897. cool.

economist: let the battle begin ... over web services.

motherjones: ecoterrorists under fire, and talkback: ecoterrorists or earth's defenders.

u.s. news and world report: photo essay, arctic national wildlife refuge.

i've almost got my new discussion group together. finally.

iwon: be sues microsoft for alleged antitrust violations.

canada.com: marco pantani says lance "is nothing special." of course, lance occasionally calls him "elefantino" ... what do you expect?

space daily: new world of nanoelectronics may arrive soon.

washington post: 'army' of christians needed in aids fight. franklin graham. "... while his ministry does not promote the use of condoms, he does not condemn groups that do. 'that's not going to be a mountain i'm going to die on ...'"

llrx: knowledge management in the law office.

keep your secrets. i thought this was about maintaining privacy, but it's quite different ...

being john cleese. a lookalike's website.

iwon: united technologies in fuel cell deal with nissan ... and renault.

ananova: bin laden is still alive.

xmlhack: three new css3 working drafts.

macnn: adobe photoshop 7 on monday.

kuro5hin: some thoughts on the economics of terrorism.

wing ide for python, 1.1.2.

linux programming: python-url!

observer.uk: terry jones, 'ok, george, let's make with the friendly bombs.' thanks for the heads-up, todd.

linux journal: at the forge: zope products.

ananova: oh no. i guess it was bound to happen: a 'hulk' remake. yeah, but who plays the green side of beef?

webref: what web services are not.

maccentral: adobe offers quark users cross-grade to indesign yes. i'm seriously thinking about doing this.

bbc: next generation dvd.

zope: photoext, externalFile 0.9, cvsfile 0.7.

washington post [yesterday]: campaign finance reform seen as a boon for bush. "the heavyweight champion of hard money."

rollcall: enron courted gore in 2000.

guardian.uk: the playing's the thing, not the smiles on our faces. when someone plays an instrument and makes faces, people say ... "oh, she/he's so into her/his art ..." it's an automatic payoff. even if one is an awful player, it pays to grimace.

ctnow: suddenly math and science are hot topics for movie drama.

new zealand herald: advertising during children's programs may promote childhood obesity.

times of india: ethiopia says islamists in somali plan 'taliban' rule. here we go again.

times of india: an interesting bit of analysis. a survey shows lincoln as 'greatest president', but read the title of the article, and then read the article itself.

ny times: 'grid project' to wed web services. "these Web services are based on a series of industry-standard protocols xml, soap, wdsl and uddi for describing, identifying and communicating data over the web."

ny times news analysis: drama and scandal at the olympics. "yet if truth be told, even those ancient greek games, which began in 776 b.c. as a religious ritual, were banned 1,200 years later as a pagan, political spectacle."

ny times: e.p.a. and energy department war over clean air rules. say goodbye to clean air ... the industry lobbyists have spoken.

ny times: everyone's linking this, but it's important. the pentagon readies efforts to sway sentiment abroad. "mingling the more surreptitious activities with the work of traditional public affairs would undermine the pentagon's credibility with the media, the public and governments around the world, critics argue."

ny times: supreme court to intervene in internet copyright dispute. "... in 1930, 10,027 books were published but as of last year, all but 174 were out of print ... digital archives could inexpensively make the other 9,853 books published in 1930 available to the reading public starting in 2005." if not for current copyright laws.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe, immigrant-friendly?

reuters: wal-mart profits rise 9.2 percent. pappascott, i'll say it again. i should have invested when i told you to watch wal-mart.

reuters: a cleaning woman accidentally defuses a time bomb.

the andrea yates case keeps focusing on her, but i'd rather focus on the husband's religious beliefs. he apparently (according to time magazine) was influenced by one 'michael woroniecki'. i think this is the same guy.

a dusting of snow late yesterday. wispy clouds revealing blue skies to the west.