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wed 20 feb 02

reuters: a new mexican won the gold in skeleton. braggin' rights.

nervygirlzine, the thinking woman's magazine. features. and i just saw a frida kahlo exhibit ...

common-place: founding brothers. on writing about politics.

common-place: tiptoe through the tombstones. high school students visit colonial cemeteries, plotting trends in ornamentation.

chicago tribune [feb 18]: journalism's dangerous patriotism.

ananova: china's 'oldest building' found. 5,500 years old, this one. i wonder what the young earth folks'll say about this.

ananova: swiss physicists claim to have 'captured' antimatter for the first time.

some new quotes in circulation.

b2, new blog tool. xml-rpc, blogger api, rss, comments. [well, new to me.]

nice sunset there, grant. erp. sunrise. just had a brewski; my attention was divided.

reuters: paperless pobox wants to do away with the u.s. postal service ...

satori in zen buddhism.

ft.com: a discreet way of doing business with iraq. "however, iraq is the u.s.'s second biggest middle eastern oil supplier after saudi arabia, making washington uneasily dependent on iraq's steady oil flow." tell me the interest in iraq is solely terrorism-based; i smell big money pushin' at the gate.

bbc: u.s.-china dialogue warms.

ny times: in paris, read all about it ... if you can.

la times: why it's hard to sneak up on sleeping ducks.

unisci: life on mars: native, or carried there from earth?. our spacecraft may have transported bacteria ...

vnu.net: 'linux for the paranoid.'

telegraph.uk: train of nuclear waste leaves germany for britain.

bbc: web rage hits the internet. break your own computer, because of someone else's slow server? now that's seriously nuts ...

chicago tribune: pair knew of dogs' violence, jury told.


usa today: 'oops, i'm still alive' ... britney at 50. ye gods.

samuel f. b. morse papers at the library of congress, 1791-1919.

femail.uk: got a headache? try reflexology.

guardian.uk: caribbean women's unsung success story.

atlantic monthly: of monkeys and men. "basically, baboons have about a half dozen solid hours of sunlight a day to devote to being rotten to each other. just like our society ... we live well enough to have the luxury to get ourselves sick with purely social, psychological stress."

slashdot: apache server nears 2.0.

geeknews: php-nuke 5.5.

freshmeat: rearsite [~cms], dotbanner [php/mysql].

macnn: mac update os 10.1.3.

wired: games elevate hate to the next level. extremist hate groups are using computer games to recruit youngsters.

ananova: monica opines about her first clinton encounter.

reactive linux: a linux geek looks at os x server.

webref: creating a cross-browser expandable tree. 'course, you could always use zope ... dtml-tree is much easier than this.

maccentral: sony develops consumer-level 6 million pixel ccd.

the hill: house democrats lay plans to circumvent campaign finance reform.

communication arts illustration and photography competition is open for submissions.

arcata eye: police logs of arcata, california. via aldaily.

nando times: russia unveils the restored amber room.

guardian.uk: the brits invented the post card.

telegraph.uk: the crisis in classical music recording. "all the best music has been recorded many times over by maestros more accomplished and celebrated than any alive."

times of india: u.s. will not invade north korea, says bush.

times of india: few freedoms for children of 60's hippies. "many parents ... invaded their teens' computers to read their e-mail, read their diaries, eavesdropped on telephone conversations or regularly searched their children's rooms."

ny times editorial: a matter of church and state. the editors come out solidly against vouchers, as realized in cleveland. "... taxpayer money is used to fund catholic masses, protestant bible study and instruction in the practice of islam."

ny times letters to the editor: the bermuda triangle of taxes. could it be that companies' level of patriotism is inverse to the amount of federal taxes they pay?

ny times: snowmobilers and yellowstone park. "pollution at the west entrance to yellowstone has become so intense that the national park service has had to pump fresh air into the booths staffed by park rangers there, and last week provided respirators for them as well." imagine how the animals must feel about it ...

ny times: inflation remains in check.

santa fe new mexican: the dead woman found below the rio grande gorge bridge was apparently a student of carlos castaneda (of 'new age' book fame) ... and believed she could fly. the bridge is in a deep rocky canyon, 650 feet above the river.

reuters: congratulations, vonetta flowers!

cnn: anyone who's commuted regularly by train can be horrified by this story from egypt. on fire, and unable to inform the driver.

papascott read the article "europe's right turn" i posted late yesterday, and offers comments from a german perspective.

me net connections be dead slow today.