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thu 21 feb 02

i don't know why i never did it before. just added my weblog list, via dtml-tree, to the right side nav bar. i'll fill it out more in the coming days. took all of five minutes.

times.uk: president jiang tells bush not to 'bully' iraq. "or perhaps i could quote another chinese saying to describe the situation, 'one cannot expect to dig a well with one spade'."

chaotic good dwarf fighter ranger. i hate these things ... where's my rapier ... oops, spilled beef and beer all over it ...

guardian.uk: 'inspector morse', john thaw, has died of throat cancer. he was 60. looks like he won't be able to finish 'kavanagh qc' ...

even the national review is questioning cheney's motives in reference to the gao ...

reuters: nice to see j.c. penney posted a fourth-quarter profit. i see annheuser-busch is up 12%, too. i wonder if anyone's ever plotted alcohol consumption against the recession curve?

some famous bits of shakes-gallagher:

"thou art a scholar; speak to it, david gallagher."
- gallagherlet.

"et tu, david gallagher!"
- julius gallagher.

"oh happy horse, to bear the weight of david gallagher!"
- gallagher and cleopatra.

nice pix of grand central, btw.

ananova: a short-track speedskater from belarus had a steroid level 380 times the legal limit. i would suggest she not despair; she's guaranteed a role in the new 'hulk' movie ...

reuters: the last three months are the warmest in u.s. records; 123 years worth, anyway.

reuters: cheney says the bush defense budget will lead the high tech industry out of recession. but is this the future we want, or just accepting what is thrust upon us?

cnn: daniel pearl is dead.

ananova: the 'vasa' is dissolving. absorbed hydrogen sulphide is reacting with air and the rusting hardware to create sulphuric acid.

alternet: enron and the myths of runaway capitalism. good article. "unregulated free markets often lead to disaster. self-interest is an insufficient regulator for a complex economy. (duh.) yet we seem to have to learn this lesson again and again." amen.

washington post: saw this yesterday, but didn't link because it was a fluff article. this one's better: desmond plunkett dies. ever see the film 'the great escape"?

national center for policy analysis: corporate managers are ignoring stockholders - again.

computer weekly: what if the internet collapsed?

yoga journal: better than prozac? logical. any exercise helps lighten mood.

femail.uk: ladies, shorts that tone your bottom.

bbc: titanic timepiece sold.

accountingweb: frequent fliers need not fear the tax man.

just fyi, if you pass here and catch some strange looking posts/links, it's because i'm using a bookmarklet that captures url/title information and allows me to paste it ... whereas i'm used to typing the links by hand. sometimes, i get double href tags going, and don't see it. patience. i'll adapt to this new-fangled tech eventually ...

newsforge: western scientific unveils 1u 6-processor rack server.

tuxppc: mandrake 8.2 beta for powerpc.

kuro5hin: a library, the most powerful tool on the planet. boy, can i identify with this. moving to santa fe from princeton (with access to firestone, once the 13th largest library in the world) has been quite a wake-up ... insofar as realizing most people in america don't have, and never will have access to exhaustive university libraries.

dp review: nikon d100, six megapixels. no pricing yet.

macnn: marinerwrite's still around, beta for os x.

unix review: what you should know about tk.

webref: heirmenus adds ie 5 mac functionality.

sitepoint: review of swish 2.0. flash on the cheap.

earthweb: arrays in php.

thetimesink instructs me, once again, to not miss digging through my own links: the aluminum foil deflector beanie. thanks, dan!

apparently this is the young woman who is going to break arnold's geriatric bones in 'terminator 3.' a combination terminator/love interest for john connor? who knows ...

mit tech review: spring, taxes, and the attack on iraq.

minneapolis star-tribune: internet radio sites may have to pay fees.

color me disinterested today. not finding much that 'sticks' ...

times of india: did the u.n. illegally import assault weapons for the protection of kofi annan?

times of india: pakistan slams u.s. decision to sell radars to india.

times of india: enron built a *fake office* to encourage new business.

ny times: forty years ago yesterday, john glenn orbited the earth.

kinda weird that we hear about our gold medal in 'skeleton' while this creepy crematory scandal continues to unravel.

ny times: two parents aren't always best for children, study finds. stability would seem to be key, whether single- or double-parented.

nytimes: safire, the flipped-over rock.

momentary pause in linkage for client meeting and driveway sweeping ...

tapping on the skylights in the middle of last night has resulted in a dusting of snow this morning. not more than a half-inch or so, but i suspect ice underneath.