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fri 22 feb 02

not much to say tonight. bookworming.

al-ahram: absentminded bigotry. our attorney general compares islam and christianity, and gets it wrong.

msnbc: monsanto found guilty of pcb pollution.

msnbc: the gao files suit over energy task force info. good. that is, assuming documents haven't been destroyed or altered ... or put in a presidential library for safekeeping.

reuters: russia now withdraws threat to leave olympics. keeping the drama high, hmmm?

cnn: hard sell, this one ... russia claims bias in women's figure skating results. good picture.

if you're into the figure skating thing, check out mary wehmeier's first-hand take. i was out at a networking social last night, so i had to tape the ladies' final. i caught the medal ceremony at the end, felt sorry for michelle. but when i viewed the tape, and saw michelle's face when she got on the ice ... i also thought 'psych'. sarah not only triumphed; she made it look easy.

my 'national review' link from yesterday was bad. fixed.

josh at february 7 wrote and told me that yes, alcohol consumption has been plotted against recession ... as well as boom. in both cases, consumption goes up. thanks, josh!

bbc: vladimir putin enters the olympic row. speak softly, carry a big oar ...

slashdot: reviewing the points in 'the skeptical environmentalist'.

must ... get ... slacker ...

onlamp: finding things in unix.

o'reilly linux devcenter: scanning for rootkits.

the register: three new microsoft security holes.

freshmeat: myguests [simple php guestbook], ariadne 2.0rc3 [cms].

linux focus: mysql and perl, the marriage of convenience.

macnn: canon introduces 6 megapixel camera. dpreview has more info.

webref: javascript and accessibility. "gizmos like menus, news flippers, and navigation buttons that degrade to static links take more work, but are worth it for user satisfaction." a reader, ray, taught me this a long time ago in one of my initial designs here. a valuable piece of advice.

maccentral: analysts: imac sales are strong.

linux journal: jabber is preparing to submit itself to the i.e.t.f. as a standard for instant messaging and presence services.

prospect mag: paradoxes of painting.

wired: forget nbc ... bbc's the place for olympic coverage.

artswire: bush's choices for national council on the arts sends mixed messages.

times of india: pearl may not have only had his throat slit; he may have been beheaded. a combat journalist's job is bloody dangerous; more so now in the presence of terror groups. should journalists be armed? it seems the geneva convention doesn't think so ... but when your opponent pays no mind to the convention, what then? later: i missed this ny times op-ed piece, "a life of balances." a cleverly-written piece that basically says combat journalists must recognize and accept the risks, even when desire overpowers wisdom. 'getting the scoop' sometimes wins you nothing more or less than death.

ny times: russians threaten to pull out of olympic games. i wonder what tests they use for blood doping in the tour de france, and how fast definitive results are obtained. i'll have to do a little googling ...

ny times: push from senator may clear campaign finance logjam.

santa fe new mexican: water-use restrictions could come as soon as april, in santa fe. the snowpack above the reservoir's down 45% for the year, and if we don't get enough precip, we're in trouble. last year was the first year clear of drought ... it wasn't enough.

reuters: national slacker day.

dealmac lists a reconditioned la cie 18" photon blue lcd monitor for $864. it does portrait and landscape! there are times, in long html documents, when portrait would be quite handy. well, reconditioned or new, it looks like a nice unit. anyone have any pros/cons?

t ... g ... i ... f ...