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sun 24 feb 02

ananova: major restructuring for icann.

ananova: christopher reeve speaks out for stem cells.

wherever you are pushes back "how to write a better weblog." the taxonomy of weblogs is quite diverse; diaries, news, photoblogs ... brook no dictatorships. do your own thing, gleefully.

the considerate coffee.

i see photoshop is now available for os x. time to upgrade my old accelerated 8500, i guess.

zope: iptc and exif reading support; a product extension to the photo product v.1.2.3.

la times: as if you couldn't tell during the opening ceremonies, much of the music wasn't live. oh, lord ... they even mention 'milli vanilli' ...

times of india: u.s. certifies theft of russian nuclear materials has occurred.

times of india: suspicious tunnel under u.s. embassy in rome discovered.

times of india: the u.k. observer says bush and blair will be meeting in april to plan attack on iraq.

ny times op-ed: new rules of political rhetoric. where i got it wrong yesterday, this gets it right.

ny times letters to the editor: america's rails - seeking direction. former n.j. governor jim florio comments, too.

ny times: web site helped change farm policy.

ny times: h.m.s. sussex, found? a piece of pre-american revolutionary history, too.

ny times: french judge says pressure was from canada, not russia.

santa fe new mexican: the digital divide in santa fe. "... tom johnson, who worked in central america in the mid-1980s, recently joked in a letter to the new mexican that the quality of his 'qwest-provided phone services' in santa fe today is 'every bit the equal to that in san salvador 15 years ago.'"

cnn: buddha finger.

ny times: speaking of which, bush proposes to shift burden of toxic cleanups to taxpayers. toxic sites are not hard to spot, nor to predict. only defunct or corrupt regulatory bodies could possibly miss these albatrosses. who talks prevention? at any rate, this should be 100% a corporate cost-of-doing business ... not something we get soaked with. once again, the affluent pick our pockets.

everyone has a bit of larceny in 'em. i think bing crosby said that ...

and bill, it's not that i think regulation or oversight will yield perfect business compliance; that would be just *too* naive. its just that i'm fed up with the continuing campaign to posit deregulation as a 'cure-all.' left to itself, business follows the buck - not any moral sensibility. [thinking of enron, monsanto/pcb's, bermuda offshare tax schemes, erin brockovitch, etc.] look at the s&l crisis; an entire industry went off the greed deep-end ...

i would *swear* that reuters story about the 'kingpin of terrorism' was worded differently, titled differently yesterday morning. i would stake my rep on it. i could never get something so horribly wrong. my apologies to president bush; i don't agree with his policies, but i'd never make up such fiction intentionally ...

warm, but windy. mice overhead last night; time to break out the nukes. sounded like they were chewing on metal.