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mon 25 feb 02

my eyes are shot, after being out in all the dust and wind. i gotta go rest my pleurae ...

riffing off one of the posters in my dg: theodor adorno and max horkheimer, "the culture industry: enlightenment as mass deception." just fyi, it is for juicy bits of new knowledge like this that i weblog. thanks, v. i look forward to gathering other threads you've generated in the discussions ...

a couple of good posts in the discussion group, in response to the 'first things' article about the 'uneducable left' earlier today [below].

alter your bookmarks: the register has a server in the u.s. now.

ispworld: trellix and interland in small business website deal. yow ... score for dan bricklin. congrats!

msnbc: the end of social whitening? brazil.

wall street journal/opinion journal: the anti-keynes: do surpluses stimulate? i haven't had time to read this in depth; who says either deficits or surpluses necessarily stimulate at all?

cnn transcripts: pat robertson on islam.

ny times: chained for 35 years?

slashdot: king james helps fight spam?

newsforge: mod_protection 0.0.1 for apache.

mac central: epson preparing a 'print image matching' plugin for photoshop. of course, my 800's too long in the tooth ...

washington post: enron's green acres. all those millions went to buying ranches and mansions. check the pic; 'canaan', and is that a cross above the horse? not just con men; hypocrites.

washington post: white house angered over plan for pentagon disinformation. tighten the reins.

msnbc/washington post: tracking of visas overwhelms feds.

listening to ennio morricone movie soundtracks whilst the wind is ripping the vegetation off your property and bashing against your windows is highly recommended.

*pfft.* "my all-cap emails demand attention."

i've been way too lazy about pinging weblogs.com. i'll try to be better. i usually don't until i've aggregated a good amount of linkage in the morning, and then after adding chunks in the afternoon (if i remember). still working on my rss back end; been playing with the cmf and squish, but with little enthusiasm. i'll continue to grind a personal flavor in my spare time. without an rss channel, i feel quite 'model t' ...

andrew sullivan, a blogger manifesto. i guess i'm an internet sherpa; i can live with that.

yah, right. the gusts are higher than 50 here. what speed is necessary to move cinder blocks around?

macnn: canon introduces a slew of bubblejet printers. i'll have to read the specs on the 9000; does it have the 25 year archival inks?

washington times: this has been linked copiously elsewhere, but if you haven't seen it: u.s. drops pledge on use of nuclear weapons.

o'reilly onlamp: ipv6, meet freebsd.

bbc: sceptics denounce climate science 'lie'.

roll call: links between delay and enron, pushing energy dereg.

the winds have just gotten even higher. i'll have to check the weather service. it's unbelievable.

first things: the ineducable left. an important read, if you're a liberal dem (as i am). "hardt and negri believe that something decent will arise from their lawless atheism. but why assume justice will prevail from such nihilism, when everything we know from history the wounded history of the twentieth century above all says that it results invariably in the law of the jungle? without morality and the rule of law, the powerful simply feel free to rape and pillage; the weak can only tremble and hide." i find way too many simplistic leftist arguments throwing the morality baby out with the bathwater, as if morality is part and parcel of organized religion. morality exists outside of religion.

chicago tribune: new york, dissing chicago? so, what else is new? i remember doing a show at the drake in chicago; the manhattan-based crew went out to get some pizza, and it seemed to take *forever*. the waitress came over, after a bout of our complaining, and gave us a good pro-chicago dressing down, calling out our egotistical self-absorption. it was priceless. we still had to wait for our pizza; she wasn't going to give an inch. i enjoyed it immensely, because i always got a ribbing for being a 'jersey boy', living off a turnpike exit in a tank farm [not] ... and everyone knows joisey is da bomb.

salon: the chrysler building. muslims turn toward mecca when engaged in worship. for skyscraper architecture, i face the chrysler building and worship. it is my favorite building.

l.a. times: the last days of the bamiyan buddhas.

no wonder my eyes are all screwed up. the dust. filters in through the tightest windows; means i'll have to blow out my computer chassis in the next day or so ...

we've got really high winds here today. just got a delivery from airborne express; it took two guys to bring a box of toner cartridges in. one guy to carry the package, the other one to carry the clipboard and computer. it's gotta be gusting to 60mph. the winds of march are starting early!

times of india: elite german commandos in first ground action since world war two. welcome back to armed conflict, germany. we sure enjoy it. joking, just joking ...

ny times letters to the editor: do vouchers help choice or religion? alas, i see few arguments that fight for better education for the students. is a public school or a catholic school "better"? why? when i grew up, students who attended catholic school had a much better command of all subjects ... as well as a healthy fear of nuns and organized religion. a terrible generalization that, but it's the best i can do from memory.

ny times: saluting all the king's mentors. writers on writing. do you have a mentor for your weblog style? interesting concept.

ny times: rumsfeld says he may 'drop' new office of influence. it worries me that our leaders are thinking out loud. what happened to coming up with a solid plan, drumming up support in congress in a backchannel fashion, and then going public once the bugs are out?

ny times: roundup of wild horses stirs up a fight out west. most seem to end up as canadian dogfood.

reuters: supreme court rejects appeal on display of the ten commandments.

reuters: first edition of the 'canterbury tales' and gutenberg bible online.

reuters: 'fast' guinness.

cnn: deputy kills soldier in green beret exercise. "all ammunition used in the exercise is blank, army officials said, adding there was no safety risk to civilians or their property." tell that to brandon lee.

there's an interesting thread on lcd's vs. crt's [for university lab use] that gives pros and cons. as a designer, i still remain skeptical of color rendition.

been having some good conversations about art, software, fear, synchronicity, the matrix (it always seems to come up) ...

i expect anything to happen today. many synchronicities have been occurring over the past two days ...