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wed 27 feb 02

anchorage daily news: two-headed moose fetus. maybe centaurs did exist, after all ...

slashdot: what makes a good web design?

php 4.1.2 ... major security update.

blogomania! nice offering for a nice price. via q.

ananova: scottish underwater treasure hunt to be webcast.

ananova: new rape test finds male y-chromosomes. doesn't need sperm.

ananova: lotus to unveil eco-friendly sports car next week. "... easily beats the co2 emissions of almost all production cars and is over 400% 'greener' than some with similar performance."

reuters: if someone mentions 'wwf', what do you expect ... world wildlife fund, or world wrestling foundation? for me, the former.

cnn: could t-rex run?

what is unreal.

bulletin of the atomic scientists: the doomsday clock moves forward. via mefi.

iwon: congress asks why analysts slow to downgrade enron. lieberman hits the nail on the head, for any investment advice: "without sound information, or even worse, with misleading information, (investors) may as well go gambling." go joe.

bsd today: mum and dad like openbsd better than linux.

sfgate: financial times vs. wall street journal. ft, baby.

content-wire: death of a content management startup.

bbc: pollution fears from foot-and-mouth animal pyres.

bbc: shoppers shun shoddy sites. now this is interesting. many want e-commerce, but don't want to pay the big bucks for a 'proper' site. we small web businesses give it to them. should we? personally, without the proper budget, i turn them away.

cool site: austin taylor.

women's enews: mentoring program trumps 'old boy' network.

usa today: want solid investment returns? screw the stockmarket; buy a house.

about.com: afraid of anthrax? strengthen your immune system!. interesting tidbits here for general health; but if exposed to anthrax, visit a doctor.

the black world today: jonas savimbi, u.s. sponsored terrorist. worth a little googling, this.

the l.a. times gets it. the debt we owe chuck jones. 'wabbits and opera.'

ananova: bin laden family asked for dna samples. did the predator get osama?

evolt: using apache to stop bad robots. i visualize bad old robby ...

newsforge: multiple critical php vulnerabilities.

freshmeat: monkey http daemon [linux], mythreads-links [php].

ananova: new springsteen album in october.

monster.com: how to fire a client.

cnet: the ny times intranet gets hacked. watch for bob redford's phone and ss# ...

linux journal: 'import this' ... the tenth international python conference.

zope: event channel 0.5.0 released.

os opinion: the web is for serving, not surfing.

according to the comcast rep i just talked to, cable modems in santa fe are one year away.

seems dooce has found the darker side of weblogging. what we write, gets preserved. we cannot control how others choose to use or interpret our postings. in certain cases, weblogging can threaten your livelihood. speaking from experience ...

guardian.uk: war and peace. is there a prospect for peace in this new century?

washington post: npr, deprecating cultural programming?

bbc: music contracts battle escalates.

times of india: pakistan ready to extradite sheikh omar. tribunal time? doubt it.

times of india: gates to sell 1 million personal shares of microsoft. out of his 650+ million.

ny times: maureen dowd, 'mean, nasty and missing.' no alpha women? i run into many ... who have to fight, claw, bite and kick their way to peer recognition amongst the male heirarchies. one just has to have eyes to see, and ears to hear. but i understand what she's trying to say. visibility; role models.

ny times: the figures on teen alcohol consumption, released yesterday, are wrong. statistics are fun, right?

ny times: alan greenspan says recession is ending, but rebound will be subdued.

santa fe new mexican: renovation on the old woolworth's building [on the santa fe plaza] will begin late march/early april. i guess we can only hope someone will take out a frito pie franchise.

reuters: smithsonian to enshrine enron's 'code of ethics' manual. as funny as this sounds, and even though this is history ... i can't help thinking 'why glorify this company?' stick the thing in a vault for 20 years or so ...

reuters: authorities rounding up (and arresting) 20 boston airport workers. there are parts of the 9/11 story still to be told, obviously.

some days, i just wake up and shake my head in disbelief. another day, and i'm around to see it!