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thu 28 feb 02

ananova: read books without opening them. sounds useless until you see it in an archaeological light ...

ananova: nasa will try to contact pioneer 10, now 7.4 billion miles away and heading for taurus.

ananova: earth formed quicker than thought. i don't know ... i can think pretty fast.

ananova: homeopathy seems to do nothing for asthma. "something may be going on but in this case it was of no benefit."

ananova: suspicious passenger removed from air india flight. they got a fighter escort into jfk. don't know how wise that was. landing in proximity to new york city, that is.

reuters: greenspan says saving is key for economic growth. really? were more people saving last year? during the clinton years? i think not. america has never raised the savings rate even a paltry 2 percentage points from one year to the next. if savings is the sole measure, we'll win the war on terrorism before we'll get greenspan's "economic growth."

cnn/space: life on europa?

pmachine, blogging/news software. php/mysql. nice selection of screenshots let you know exactly what this software can/can't do.

happy b-day, mr. kotter.

times of india: indian lady's scarf bothers supreme court justices.

cnn: to save a civil war prison.

newsmac 1.0, aggregator for os x.

ananova: nine european currencies become souvenirs. i'll have to look into getting some 'proof sets' ...

guardian.uk: princess superstar - "i'm a feminist with my tits out." lyrics that are "... littered with references to chanel, valium, masturbation, tupperware, junk food and making sexual advances to the father of the house." *this* is 'middle-class rap?'

bbc: is there equality in the boardroom?

soap encodings, wsdl, and xml schema types.

xml.com: xml 2.0.

businessweek: small business vs. the terrorists.

cern courier: climbing out of the nuclear valley. the rare isotope accelerator (ria).

moscow times: the gold medal for whining goes to ...

dvm: west nile virus gets an early start ... in central florida.

it-director: privacy online still number 1 problem. good links at the bottom of the page for how to create or evaluate your own privacy policy.

llrx has some interesting links today, including what's happening with northern light.

bbc: caution urged over iraq.

cnn: court considers implications of disabilities act.

guardian.uk: why sex still leads the net.

iwon: signs of el niño. may mean a worsening of our drought?

of course, that's not to say the tax code shouldn't be simpler, but i believe in a progressive tax.

businessweek: flatten the corporate tax code. oh, this gets me mad. get this: "the current tax code is unfair and inefficient. it drives ceo's to do deals they would never dream of for strategic reasons, just to benefit from some tax break. it rewards financial engineering instead of productive business practices. and for all that, the corporate tax generates only about 10% of all federal revenues." so, enron is the irs's fault? good grief. what about honesty and integrity? aren't those supposedly the keystones of american business? anyway ... fifty-some-odd years ago, corporations paid 35% of all federal taxes. in the last 50 years, revenues paid by individuals have almost doubled (40+ percent to 80+ percent). now, were corporations destitute in the 40's/50's? was there a lack of growth? the postwar boom is legendary, i submit. now, we not only get crackpot ideas like this, but president bush dumps the superfund on our backs, too. the idea of a 'pure' business environment, where no regulation and no taxation exist, visiting great amounts of 'trickle down' on the peons is myth, pure and simple. i passed a link a couple of days ago now that i wish i'd bookmarked. it mentioned offhand that, adjusted for inflation, we're making something like 4% less now per household than in 1974. if true, and in spite of all the breaks given to businesses, we as individuals are doing worse than 27+ years ago. [the author's 'tax on cashflow' idea won't fly with corporations, i don't believe. we have gross receipts tax here in new mexico, and businesses stay the hell out of our state by the droves. the only way new mexico can secure big business is to waive the gross receipts tax for a number of years. the business stays in town until that waiver is gone, then summarily packs up lock, stock and barrel and departs.]


abc: study looks at acupuncture for high blood pressure.

business week: the final horizon for boeing's 747?

roll call: the senator's tale of the tapes. senator kennedy has kept voluminous notes and voice recordings over his 40 years in politics.

political wire: judge orders cheney to release documents.

eweek: security quandary: who's liable?. insecure software, users ... where does the buck stop?

wired: native american suit winds down. maybe this will salvage my second quarter this year (my having business with the department of the interior).

internet.com: serverwatch's review of glmail. unix/linux.

vaults of parnassus: py ut [python uml tool].

devshed: database abstraction with php.

not finding much to hang my hat on today.

policy review: book review ...'the reckless mind: intellectuals in politics.'

wilson quarterly: the art in the popular.

bbc: rare turner works go online.

ny times letters to the editor: gamma girls rock (pass it on).

ny times: abstinence-only initiative advancing. "there won't be any conversation or education about condoms."

ny times: with germany in recession, many ask why.

santa fe new mexican: a prayer for peace.

back's killing me today.