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mon 04 mar 02

the straights times: the chinese discovered america, and circumnavigated the globe. i ran across information about historical chinese sailing capabilities a few years ago; the sheer size of their ships, compared to portugal and spain, was astounding. prince henry would have been envious. via mefi.

cnn: preserving caral. 60 foot pyramids.

susan has a great comparison of the cross current article [below] with an article she picked up in january.

bbc: irish abortion issues. 7,000 women cross to britain each year for abortions.

washington post: the senator explodes. senator reid, dick cheney, yucca mountain, and the president.

guardian.uk: looking back at lance armstrong's tactics on l'alpe d'huez.


nandotimes: russia bans imports of u.s. poultry.

the register: dell falls afoul of powerful gun control lobby. nice title, but one man does not a powerful gun control lobby make. i don't see the n.r.a. mentioned. same story on newsbytes.

nandotimes: the fifteen nations of the european union will ratify the kyoto protocol on global warming. sure wish we were with you folks.

iwon: officials question whether there really was a recession. here come the spin doctors, just in time for the 2002 election season.

bbc: how to change your name online. britain, of course. what about my fave, throckmorton murgatroyd cadwalader? morty for short.

kidchef.com. "where kids rule the kitchen."


washington post: can high tech save venice?

msnbc: physics gives virtual stunt artists a dose of reality.

msnbc: treat customers like criminals ... and what can you expect?

news.com: net security: a contradiction in terms?

linux journal: catching spiders with bottrap.

zope: wing ide adds support for zope 2.5.

cnn: tiny bubbles creation nuclear fusion ... maybe. but also, that may not matter.

nature: magic bullet cancer drug.

kaycee, back from the dead. i wonder if bluemountain carries reincarnation cards ... via jerry kindall.

dredged this quote from rec.backcountry: "environmentalism is the last refuge of socialism." and everyone knows socialism is merely the 'slippery slope' to communism (hah). a once-good usenet group, torn apart by dogmatic participants. propriety; the missing element.

cnn: state cell phone bans. since santa fe now requires hands-free kits, you see people shopping with headsets or earbuds, mumbling to themselves, causing shopping cart crashes. on the road, at stoplights, you see people fiddling with myriad cables. all i have to say is ... be careful out there.

i've also been thinking about weblog archives. for myself, subject is first, date second. so why keep the info in a date heirarchy? a reasonably powerful search engine would be able to reconstruct individual pages, based on a date searching [with a little format assistance]. point is, i'd like to be able to leverage my own work swiftly, building on previous opinion and linkage. this is precisely why radio's xml categories fascinate me so. hook radio to zope (already done; non-public), hook zcatalog to xml category (yet to do).

tool idea: i follow 'threads' in my own head. certain subjects, certain news items interest me specifically. i remember the threads, and follow them when a link pops up in my aggregators. i'd love an aggregator that checks my 'interest threads', and flags those rss links into separate folders or pages, so i can then filter the articles myself. for instance, i've been following what's going on with the kursk (see below). a script that checks all my aggregated rss files for any references to the kursk, which upon success, places those links in a separate 'folder' or 'page.' this would save me huge amounts of time.

tool idea: a script that loops over all my entries in the archives, checking for linkrot. anything rotten, it disables the link (leaving it place, in case it is merely temporary rot, allowing it to be reenabled), and places a css command to 'strike' on the associated text. i'd love to be able to run this manually, once a month.

dog bite law center. "every 40 seconds, someone in the united states seeks medical attention for a dog bite." read the stats. amazing.

llrx: verifying sources on the internet. the llrx rss channel is located at http://www.llrx.com/llrx.rss, for those of you with aggregators.

another al-mouseda terrorist eliminated. the toll stands at seven.

cnn: as technology rolls on, batteries don't.

scientific american: the worldwide computer.

the register: internet explorer and outlook run malicious commands without scripting. got javascript turned off? you're still not safe.


freshmeat: psycopg 1.0.5 [postgresql, python, zope], aes: albert-easysite 0.8.7 [php cms].

free alias | wavefront maya personal learning edition. 100+ megs.

onlamp: securing small networks with openbsd.

web reference: php and regular expressions 101.

mac central: flash mx coming soon. $199 to upgrade. macromedia's page. and more from news.com, talking about philosophy.

cnet/reuters: intel releases first pentium 4's for laptops.

webmasterbase: swf v. svg - which should you choose?.

cross currents: theology and the clash of civilizations.

goodreports: unholy legions. "how dare you self-publish."

calgary herald: the 3d effect. traditional animation, on the ropes.

the art newspaper: the bamiyan buddhas may be rebuilt.

times of india: colombia slides into anarchy. also, colombia's war increasingly seen as terrorism.

times of india: russia to begin dismantling the kursk.

ny times op-ed: preparing for a drought. as i mentioned last week, mandatory restrictions should have already been in place.

ny times op-ed: the ruses to block reform.

ny times: barry manilow returns? where're my earplugs ...

ny times: daschle wants congress to be informed about bush's war plans. "we're a co-equal branch of government, and i don't think we ought to rubber stamp any president as we get into these very difficult decisions." nice way of saying 'respect the checks-and-balances' as the founding fathers intended.

ny times: pocketing soft money before the pockets are sewn up.

santa fe new mexican: development vs. preservation.

reuters: china's zhu to call for direct links to taiwan.

reuters: web novelty down, usefulness up in u.s. local tv channels were playing this incorrectly, as if this item meant the death of the internet.

10 degrees this morning; they say it'll hit 40-50. i'll see it when i believe it. (hah). also, in my freedom-fight against al-mouseda terrorists, booby traps have eliminated six of the little buggers. the night was quiet; maybe i can plug and screen more roof openings now.