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tue 05 mar 02

ananova: antlers could date stonehenge. or at least one of the outer circles of standing stones.

ananova: lord in heaven, look at christopher reeve. how much longer can he last?

ananova: infertility treatments linked to risk of birth defects. a one-in-ten gamble for you ... and more importantly, the child.

ananova: anger over 'catastrophic' tariffs as europe unites against bush. "... europe will not be bullied by a bush administration using trade protection to appease domestic political concerns." er, you're already being bullied, boys.

yahoonews: russian journalists start company. "the reality is that the government has too many levers to manipulate any economic enterprise and that is one of our biggest difficulties." try weblogging.

donncha has a summary of the issues that lie before the irish abortion vote. the 'yes' or 'no' choices seem purposely confusing, imho. i wouldn't place bets on either side because of the obfuscation. even the bbc admits it is confusing!

reuters: internet worm set to delete files tomorrow (wednesday). sophos info. and kaspersky has a free fix.

reuters: michelle kwan signs with disney.

another al-mouseda terrorist eliminated. total stands at eight.

ananova: teachers admit to 'stickytaping' students. i can't condone, but i can understand the motivation. go to any mall, bookstore or library and watch the antics of caffeine-soda, processed-sugar-snack hyped youth. i can't imagine trying to engender useful concentration. bless the teachers who succeed, and can stay within prescribed societal guidelines.

iwon: u.s. oil prices move to a five-month high. russia will hold with opec, it seems. maybe more so with steel tariffs?

nandotimes: army to remove shipping containers storing radioactive sludge. one might ask why the containers were put in such close proximity to a school in the first place ...

arianna online: the gop-teamsters love affair: a match made in anwr. this is especially important for dems to pay attention to now, in light of steel tariffs; the gop may take the union/teamster base and pull them right out from under.

more and more interesting things at serious instructional technology.


irish times: statement by medical experts a late boost for 'no' vote. once again, the abortion vote in ireland.

iht: trial examines war crimes, free speech and journalism.

bbc: u.s. pilots demand cockpit guns. i haven't intended guns to be a thread today, really. they just seem to be popping up.

asahi.com: automakers locked in a race for the stars. stars are awarded for efficiency of low-emission vehicles.

bayarea.com: safeway begins online shopping.

speaking of guns, the 'fashionable firearm.' some toy.

iwon: treasury secretary o'neill says islamic charities need monitoring.

welcome back, ranchero.com.

ny times: oh, that's clear - irradiated meat is 'pasteurized.'

iht: madison avenue starts to smile.

the register: poison applet blights browsers. i just typed 'poison applet blights blouses' ... and i swear, i wasn't thinking of anything untoward ...

the register: macromedia unveils 'neo.' "macromedia has previously said coldfusion mx will be built upon java 2 enterprise edition, with its coldfusion markup language (cfml) compiling to java. the software can be used with .net or java application servers."

kuro5hin: eight year old criminally charged for pointing a toy gun. an interesting discussion ensues. my take: there is absolutely no earthly need for a child (or anyone else, come to think of it) to have a 'realistic' toy gun.

freshmeat: mailscanner 3.12-3, yet another linux faq 1.5, linux virtual server 1.0.0, swftools 0.2.3.

daemon news: multi-layered security. "the majority of host and network attacks do not occur from the outside. in fact, according to some studies, 75% of all intrusions originate from internal sources."

eweek: server databases clash.

linux gazette: implementing a bridging firewall.

bbc: the european union warns bush about steel tariffs.

ny review of books: review of 'words and rules: the ingredients of language.'

nandotimes: dvd's surpass vhs in sales and rentals.

nandotimes: the tennessee quarter has a few problems. but then, cartoons use a three-fingered hand, and impressionists ... well, you know ...

ny times op-ed: breaking the contract. or, rephrased as below, 'playing politics with retirement.'

ny times op-ed: playing politics with trade. "a senseless rush to impose tariffs will reinforce suspicions around the world that the united states does not believe its own preaching about the paramount importance of embracing free trade, regardless of whatever transitional pain it inflicts on some economic sectors. european and asian nations will surely retaliate." well said.

ny times: for executives, nest egg is wrapped in a security blanket. insulated from the vagaries of the market?

ny times: bush to impose tariffs on imported steel. they fail to mention what, if any, the *current* tariffs are ... so i have no gauge. i can understand wanting to protect national industry ... but 30% is quite a wallop, all at once.

santa fe new mexican: los alamos national labs, fighting terrorism. yes, but. someone pointed out yesterday that the security budget for lanl is being reduced from previous years ...

reuters: i guess we'll be seeing more sensational stories about the funeral industry. two gravediggers and two hearse drivers in france had a predictable sideline going.

reuters: treasury secretary o'neill: no recession in 2001. the six-months-of-declining-output was not met. so, i assume we call it an 'economic downturn?'

cnn: n.j. supreme court votes to limit vehicle searches. i'm surprised. new jersey, being a major thruway to n.y.c., has usually enacted very liberal search rules in the past. ever been rousted by the n.j. state troopers on the turnpike? often i've seen 'em pulling out seats and carpeting.

cnn: another twist in the crematory case. apparently r.b. marsh had photos of the dead bodies on his office computer, and the incinerator was *not* broken.

dealmac forum: bad manners for the mac faithful. a journalist runs afoul of 'mac zealots.' once upon a time, i will admit, i was a particularly blind one. newbie zealotry.

jeff informs me that: mike krus [newsisfree] wrote a scraper for dangerousmeta so it now has an rss feed. well, that's a shocker, and a very nice gesture. thank you, mike! but i still need to xml-ize my postings, and implement other features. i wonder if there's a way i can see daily or weekly stats for the channel?

about 20 this morning. supposed to reach 50? hah. if so, i'm blowing this popsicle stand at lunch, and going for a walk.