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wed 06 mar 02

dangerousmonkey: how to hack a greymatter site.

i'm looking for kick-butt photographer's sites. not 'photography' sites. beautiful, fast-loading, logical nav. biased towards non-flash, but i'll look at everything. i have a client wanting to go 'graphics heavy' old-tech, and i want to excite him. fire me an 'e.'

reuters: solar flares disrupt cell phones.

ananova: i want to buy a silence machine ...

ananova: salt supplement needed for premature babies.

cnn: 'ample evidence to charge clinton.' easy to say after all the deals have been made. why now, when it's been patently obvious for years? i could charge him with jaywalking, too ... but a jury would have to convict. a different thing altogether. i keep wondering what $70 million would have bought ...

scoble has been reinserted to our weblogging 'matrix' ...

okay, i've linked *entirely too much stuff* today. but i had my other system tied up, so ... what the hay. might as well try to beat up all those aggregators using the rss feed ...

sitepoint: website promotion crash-course.

washington post: pondering the shadow government.

nandotimes: insulin found in marco pantani's room, at the giro d'italia.

seattle times: left-handers have different brains.

chicago tribune: bush had dealings with lay, enron ventures in the 1980s.

ny post: steel tariffs to boost auto, appliance prices.

ny times: judge orders more papers on task force released. and the walls come tumblin' down ...

iht: web searchers get what advertisers pay for.

msnbc: china stem-cell research leaps ahead.

nj online: nasa connects el nino with changes in antarctic ice.

guardian.uk: reports of a u.s. recovery are much exaggerated.

odd animal combos. no, not pornographic. relax.

the 'afghan explorer.' robotic newsgathering device for war zones.

dots, a netzine for your handheld. it even has a simulator, if you don't have a pda ...

the register: guess leaks credit card numbers. i wonder ... if a third party coded their e-commerce solution, i assume liability reverts to the programmers?

zope: second release of mailboxer..

national women's health information center: nonoxynol-9 gel ineffective against sexually transmitted infections.

usa today looks at those electric stomach-muscle stimulation belts.

australian: nostalgia all the rage in milan.

you may have already seen it, but if you haven't: megahal.

russia: salvation army wins case in constitutional court.

black world today: "two thousand detainees" - hon. cynthia a. mckinney of georgia in the house of representatives.

gramophone: nad upgrades popular cd players. nad's still around?!! i went looking for them about a year ago, and couldn't find anything. their equipment used to be so grossly overengineered, you just *had* to buy their stuff. gotta check 'em out. nad's home page.

nj online: more fighter escorts for airliners.

time asia: hong kong's fowl problem. bird flu.

ny times: u.s. military funds new war-fighting technologies. i think they oughta sponsor a thinktank between 'popular mechanics' types and 3-d artists.

linux orbit: how to dual-boot win xp and red hat.

the register: pgp deep-freezed. yet we need it now more than ever.

kuro5hin: blogs for politicians? utopian thinking again. the candidate without the weblog has the advantage. think about it.

and fudforum looks interesting.

erw: entities and relationships on the web. if you create databases, check this out.

tuxppc: setting up a virtual ftp server.

businessweek: macs and businesses just don't mix. oh, boy ... is this journalist going to get some email entertainment.

linux world: sorcerer.

salon: britney spears doesn't know who yoko ono is. nor linda mccartney. scroll down.

linux journal: switchsniff. ethernet security.

it's march 6. remember the alamo. travis' appeal for aid.

the american prospect: not the people's choice. i see booknotes also blinked this.

national post: geezerism. "things were better when ..." i respectfully submit, make 'now' the best time. it's the only time you've got.

globe and mail: video art, and how to survive it.

washington post: afghanistan's monument of rubble.

times of india: father pio is crying tears of blood.

times of india: north korea stepping up missile technology exports. wanna buy a taepo-dong cheap?

ny times op-ed: park rangers with respirators. there is no question, if rangers must wear respirators, that the pollution from snowmobiles is harming the flora in the park. anoint a couple of snowmobile tour services, with renewable contracts on a two-year basis or something. access, but with controls.

ny times arts: looks like the times approves of the cbs broadcast for "9/11".

ny times dining: real spanish chorizo, available in america, at last.

ny times: talking multigenerational space travel.

ny times: small pickups a risk for children. kids sitting on the back ledge or jump seats are three times more likely to be injured than children riding in a 'conventional' back seat.

ny times: republicans are delaying campaign finance reform in the senate.

ny times: congressional budget analysts predict a small surplus. my, what a difference a month makes. let's bury that 'r' word as fast as possible; surely the public won't remember it by november.

ny times: soot particles strongly tied to lung cancer. "fine particle" pollution may refocus interest in the clean air act?

ny times: al-qaeda using the internet for organizational, other purposes.

ny times: steel tariffs weaken bush's global hand. prices of american-manufactured autos may go up ... and will we see 0% financing remain? watch everyone batten down the hatches, and swiftly.

reuters: nederland, colorado has a 'frozen dead guy' festival.

reuters: twins killed in identical road accidents.

almost 30 this morning; may reach 60?!!