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thu 07 mar 02

i got quite a few responses to my call for great photography site examples; so many, that i can't answer them all. just know that you've all helped me very much ... and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ny times news tracker alert. get an email when an article matches your chosen terms. via mefi.

big class action. class action database.

campaign for tobacco-free kids.

techweb: ipPv6: what's the holdup?

newsbytes: texas gop cools threats against enron parody site. after all the innuendo,lies and rumormongering about the clintons, the gop is mighty thin-skinned when it comes to their own territory.

mit: postol vs. the pentagon.

dpreview: rollei d530 flex 5 mp d-slr.

dpreview: canon eos-d60 for $2,200?

freshmeat: portable openssh 3.1p1, treewm 0.4.1.

macnn: blue world posts lasso vs. php 'white paper.' i haven't looked at lasso in ages ... seems it's changed significantly. they're dealing mostly enterprise-class in this paper, not small-developer.

bbc: opec's fading power.

xmlhack: zsi: open-source python soap implementation.

bbc: 'smart boards' to replace blackboards in schools?

bbc: world trade center puzzle lingers.

topxml: using xslt to produce svg (1), using xslt to produce svg (2).

about.com: finding freelance work online.

devshed: form processing with zope.

zope: update to formulator.

political wire: democrats lose campaign issue as economy rebounds. yow ... talk about ad placement issues. geez.

american heritage: the longest war.

bbc: bumper year for hollywood.

guardian.uk: inauspicious timing? 'art cows' to hit london. our horses were fun, but it's a one-off deal, really.

ctnow: lawmakers suggest artists repay grants. if they become successful, that is.

times of india: the world is awash in stolen nuclear material.

ny times op-ed: safire, the urge to converge.

ny times op-ed: landscapes under siege.

ny times book review: ian mcewan, atonement.

ny times: a different take on human origins. i knew a kid in school, looked like *pure* neanderthal. heavy brow, everything.

ny times: some see panic as main effect of 'dirty bombs.' i can't help thinking this kind of article is incredibly irresponsible, putting such ideas and techniques into the mainstream. a virtual blueprint for terrorism. ditto for that article the other day about disabling ports and shipping channels.

santa fe new mexican: it's gonna be a dry spring. "looking at the state as a whole, with the kind of runoff that we're expecting right now, it looks like we're going to be in the top-five driest of the past 25 years." well, there goes my idea for a little piece of sod in the back courtyard. xeriscape, all the way 'round ...

reuters: greenspan says expansion 'well under way.' recession can be deeped by consumer state of mind; which is why the swift optimism on all fronts. keep buying, in other words.

reuters: oh, for heaven's sake. israeli vets are giving dogs valium, to calm their fears of gunfire.

cnn: early indications from the polls in ireland indicate a 'no' vote.

got a lot of 'shtuff' going down in the office today, so linkage should be significantly thinner.

cnn: bush to put ceo's on notice.

common dreams: how corporate law inhibits social responsibility. via mefi.

anyone know what's happened to dan hartung, and lakefx.nu? i thought i was having problems with mozilla, but it looks like he's *gone* ...

it just might be even warmer today ...