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fri 08 mar 02

it's been 20 years since i ripped up newly-built i-640 in my 240z ...

"only in east tennessee," a blog by the director of online media for the knoxville news sentinel. ah, i'd heard that knoxville was debating renaming gay street ... glad they didn't.

the [al]rant. would you believe i'm still pricing health insurance, and only finding solutions that cover pitifully few health crises with a price half the size of my mortgage per month? synchronicity of sorts. healthcare's gotta get real, sometime soon.

ananova: berries are 'berry, berry' good for you.

ananova: boring sex 'becoming a global problem.' offered without comment.

ananova: plane plan to plug ozone hole. looks rutan-ish ...

ananova: woman claims statue's "blood tears' were drug addict son's.

retuers: worldwide screensaver project seeks anthrax cure.

correction; today, my visits are down by half ...

okay, one more: pgp encryption will survive, inventor says.

friday's always a slow day hereabouts, so i'm off to do other things. see ya later.

mac central: macromedia press books updated for flash mx.

bbc: robot sub finds antarctic food stash. five times more krill than previously thought.

heise online: spec-benchmark: apple g4. as compared to a 1 ghz pentium. os x and linux/pentium are almost evenly matched.

the register: a settlement in the amazon 1-click patent dispute. but we're not alllowed to know what it is.

perl.com: stopping spam with spamassassin.

which, speaking of late, cnn this morning looked like daypop and metafilter's leftovers from yesterday.

webref comes a little late, with: css repository?

cnet news.com: s.e.c. tackles get-rich-quick web schemes. "probably the most famous web stock fraud case involved a student who posted a false and extremely negative press release about emulex, a stock he had shorted." in the compressed time frames of web news, and human nature's innate desire to believe (rather than exercise healthy skepticism), the s.e.c. has quite a job ahead of them.

linux journal: linux optimization and fine tuning.

osopinion: why open source scares microsoft.

'key lights' ... good name.

new republic: threads of history. review of 'the age of homespun: objects and stories in the creation of an american myth.' "through the transmission of names and objects women created lineages that sometimes paralleled, but often crosscut, the more conspicuous and official patrilineal system."

andante: bankrupt in berlin.

guardian.uk: millenium 'curse' hits glasgow revolving tower.

times of india: from bizarre to emotional, asia marks "women's day."

times of india: mcdonalds apologizes, pays out ten million to vegetarians.

ny times op-ed: 'chicks with guns.' something is wrong with this article. one minute, i agree ... next minute, i don't. the gun boosters often use the concept of car-as-deadly-weapon, and they're right. but one is trained to use a car, licensed, photographed, and monitored for life. you can't buy and use one unless you've attained a certain level of skill.

ny times books: black intellectuals seek the way out of here.

ny times: antibiotics helped prevent the spread of anthrax. not herbs.

ny times: irish voters reject a broader ban on abortions. "... the measure, as framed, found extreme anti-abortion activists campaigning alongside pro-choice groups to defeat the proposal because both objected to its definition of when life begins."

ny times: iraq calls a u.n. meeting on weapons 'constructive.' note the last paragraph.

santa fe new mexican: after more than six months, the santa fe public library may reopen later this month. as puny a library as this is, i've missed it terribly.

reuters: kmart to close 284 stores, ax 22,000 jobs. and of course, that'll sink the next unemployment stats.

cnn: color of the universe isn't green, it's beige. of course, when all the lights go out, it's black ...

well, it looks like newsisfree is going to force my hand. the 'rss' effect has hit, to the tune of taking away almost 1/3 of my daily visitations. changes here may require some extended outages while i debug. not that it matters to anyone, but i figured i'd warn you ...

it was doing something between sleeting and snowing a minute ago, though i see sunshine ...