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sat 09 mar 02

a tenth little furry terrorist has bitten the dust.

whatisnew: does conflict interest you? extreme point of views get attention ... and on the internet, they bring readers. question is, is this the calibre of reader you want?

upside today: are high-tech conventions guilty of being useless and lame?


salon: loving animals to death. animal-hoarding as a psychosis.

maccentral: webstar thrice faster than apache, says 4d.

builder.com: an introduction to xslt.

webmasterology: protect your paypal pages from hackers.

now, if i was using manila, i'd post the pic of curly ... soitinly!

slate: uncertainty about the uncertainty principle. certainly i'm uncertain that this uncertain article about the uncertainty principle might cause you a moment of uncertainty, but then i'm uncertain of that certainty ...

i know, i know ... how come i'm not linking the america/nuclear plans story? i just don't have the heart to deal with it on a nice weekend. sometimes, the news i link affects how i approach the day; i'd like to be effusive and supportive, instead of terse and critical.

times of india: u.s. experts head to moscow to defuse poultry fracas. row, fracas. i'd like to see that fracas. fracas-see? bad. awful. banished to the dungeon ...

dave, as i made that offhand comment, i was also thinking of the popularity of the 'pentagon plane' link. i was overbroad; but it led to interesting places on your weblog!

ny times letters to the editor: for a new lease on life, unplug the tv. i'll have something to say about this later; i just got cable, after more than a year without. you might enjoy my offhand observations.

ny times: as rabbis face facts, bible tales are wilting. "... a mix of 'myth, legend, distant memory and search for origins, bound together by the strands of a central theological concept.'"

ny times: will fingerprinting stand up in court? barry scheck, co-author.

santa fe new mexican: wyoming cries foul over use of bucking horse image on montana stamp.

follow me here: kelly vs. arriba soft. if you're posting images on the net, read this.

wind, wind, wind. blowing hard enough to snap branches out of the piñons ...