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mon 11 mar 02

mozilla 0.9.9.

i'm bored. i need to get people over and instigate a giant game of charades or something.

ananova: forget 'the hound of the baskervilles' ... try a european eagle owl in the moors. a wingspan of 4.92 feet ... okay, i'd probably see water on the floor over that one, especially during an evening walk. i wonder what it's call sounds like?

ananova: building a 'virtual mummy,' without disturbing the original.

just not enough hours in the day, my friends. but a little dave brubeck, "take five," soothes the savage brain ...

o'reilly: morbus is back again with apache web-serving with mac os x, part 5.

reuters: letterman sticks with cbs.

anyone remember kreml shampoo? how 'bout "sandy the soak."

macperl 5.6.1.

yahoonews: nicotine-free cigs. karl?

cnet: flaw leaves linux computers vulnerable.

sitepoint: easy flash with dreamweaver.

nip has updated their free zope hosting options. zope 2.5, cmf, squish, etc.

new criterion: the west's anti-westernism. gee, if you lived out here, you could be a western west anti-western ...

also, just because it came up in the search ... 'albert speer and the immorality of the technicians.'

calendarlive: a brilliant tribute. i think i've mentioned before that it's a great idea, but i wonder that noone has mentioned the prior art ... albert speer and the cathedral of light [scroll down]. some of the world war two generation might take offense? or maybe with the die-off of that generation, the collective memory of the event is gone.

new statesman: george w. bush's unlikely bedfellows. an interesting read, covering europe and the left. via mefi.

meetings. more later.

ny times op-ed: after ten long years, alabama is back where it started. i can't imagine vouchers helping in dallas county, can you? makes me want to look around in new mexico, and see if any schools locally are having the same kinds of problems. i could cough up for a textbook or two; couldn't you?

ny times op-ed: taming the consumer's computer. if this is the future, i'd better find another occupation.

ny times books: writers on writing, a path taken with the certainty of youth. i'm currently slogging through her book, 'the blind assassin.' it's not my personal cup of tea, but i'll finish it.

ny times arts: renaissance tapestries at the met.

ny times: recession won't tarry to run with the democrats. okay, so they need a platform. how 'bout reforming health care? anyone have the guts to try?

ny times: christie whitman, the 'joan of arc' of the bush administration.

ny times: talk of new drilling raises doubts on alaska pipeline. if the pipe don't go, the oil won't flow. the alaska pipeline is nearing the end of it's *intended* lifespan, just as president bush talks of the anwr.

ny times: slate at the butt end of a hoax. 'kaycee' disease.

ny times analysis: nukes for deterrence, or fighting? "decision not been made yet" ... ? they've been wanting to test low-yield nukes at los alamos for at least a year or so now. cold-war thinking; no surprise, from the bush administration.

santa fe new mexican: sandia and los alamos national labs are important to the new mexico economy. interesting info about these two entities.

become a citizen of ladonia!

reuters: 'clot-busting' drugs may not be best for heart-attack patients. i guess there's always aspirin ...

cnn: bin laden prepared his family for 9/11. his immediate family, not the folks in saudi arabia ...

ny times: "just get over it" isn't an option.

six months ago. seems like yesterday, seems like we've lived a lifetime since.

watched the '9/11' broadcast last evening. well edited, except for some of the tribute sections. very moving. even more so, because those hallways and lobbies were a place i passed through every day, once upon a time. shocking. in the dead of night, my dreams took me to places i do not wish to revisit. i can't imagine what everyone in new york has been, is, and will continue to go through as ground zero gets cleaned up.

sunny, warm and ... windy, of course.