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tue 12 mar 02

ananova: details revealed about spectacular ancient iraqi treasure.

ananova: bookies halve the odds on loch ness being 'real.'

just haven't been able to muster any weblogging momentum today. sorry.

the international informatics society just launched, here in santa fe.

i keep asking nurses and doctors 'who's good?' ... but they seem to be under some professional gag order. "i'm not allowed to say." the people who would know best, can't talk. that rots. i assume a symptom of our litigious society.

no wonder most of my friends are 'flying loose,' on borrowed time. health care's gonna hit the fan, and soon. it may not be as fashionable as nicole kidman, but it's one hell of a lot more important in the total scheme of things ...

what's a working stiff to do? thank goodness i have hospitalization, at least. another insurer mentioned that his company won't take anyone who's been on prozac. i haven't, but that eliminates about three quarters of america, right?

it's making me angry, because i *want* health care coverage. but i can't find anything that does me any immediate good, for a reasonable price. it's all catastrophic, for almost catastrophic prices ... or limits you to pre-authorizations and a handful of unfamiliar physicians. also, hmo's make you sign a form that precludes malpractice suits! no way, man. and, the kicker: my encounter with benign premature ventricular contractions may make me uninsurable. as soon as i mention that, the eyes roll, the briefcase closes. there's that big checkbox on the form ... any heart conditions? not really, sir, but i need to explain ...

health insurance is killing me. went to see another rep ... major medical, no doctor co-pays, no fancy drug prescription plans, 5000 deductible, 1 mill cap ... 300/month. they throw in a 'discount card', though, good for '20 to 60% off!' whoopee. and medical care in new mexico is so bad, these folks use the fact that you can go to phoenix for decent care as a selling point. sometimes i get the idea i'm living in the wrong place ...

ny times: russia assails u.s. stance on arms reduction. "da-dee! i promise not to play with my gun. can i still keep the bullets in my desk?"

in the 80's, the deer out in west princeton would keep the population of young attorneys and stockbrokers to a minimum. seemed like very weekend one would be driving his new saab or bmw out on rosedale road, or cherry valley road, and get creamed. we natives knew better.

hey, my best-friend's mom got arrested! and one of my other friends might have been the arresting officer (not mentioned here by name) ... new york times: "princeton's radicals, in their volvos, stalking the deerslayers." for the record, edith doesn't own a volvo; she drives an old chrysler k-car. the author's poking fun at princeton's rep. well, that's his insecurity. i think i've covered this a long time ago, the overpopulation of deer and canada geese. the geese they club, inject the eggs with poison. now they're shooting bolts into the brains of netted deer. developers are creating more and more 'interstitial' zones, zones between forest and meadow ... that deer thrive in. ornamental (delicious!) shrubs, overflowing ponds and fountains, lush lawn-doctored grass. heaven for deer or goose! quite a lovely breeding ground for lyme disease ticks, too. it strikes me that killing will be an ongoing, short-term solution until they address the only permanant fix: reintroduction of predators. that'll never happen, right? [they've talked about contraception, but i seem to remember it was a high-$$ option ... probably a hard sell to the local electorate. it would be more humane, i believe.]

back in da house.

got another morning meeting; my momentum is broken. i'll do some linkage later.

santa fe new mexican: eagle nest lake to close march 31. and the town of eagle nest may become a modern ghost town ...

santa fe new mexican: even santa fe's been lax in declaring a water emergency. then again, we've been hoping for more snowpack in the mountains (which melts next month) ... something that hasn't materialized.

i mentioned i was bored last night. a couple of folks asked: what do *you* do about boredom? dangerous question. i take the mundane aspects of daily life, and try to turn them 180 degrees. the biggest thing is getting more physically active. the mountain bike is in pieces at the moment, getting its yearly tune-up. there are some areas on local maps crying out 'here be dragons' ...

iafrica: surfing the web gives you the attention span of a goldfish. nine seconds.

stats yesterday displayed a distinct sawtooth pattern ... odd hours were down, even hours were up. funny.

upgraded mozilla on my win2k laptop ... it took down all my cookies. i have to re-sign-in to all my zope instances, and editthispage sites. in the couple of minutes i've used it, it seems a little snappier. if i haven't said it before, it is my default browser now. i only crank ie open for radio, e-commerce, or plug-in compatibility.

sunny ... and may reach 70 today. hooray!