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thu 14 mar 02

i don't even want to count the times since signing up for a yahoo group that i've been graced, first thing in the morning, with "girls and dogs! the best in bestiality!" and other such enlightening notes. unless we stamp it out now, it'll be on mtv and e!, sometime next year ...

iht: americans are losing a major conflict: the war on spam.

mnnbc: yates outcome would likely have been different in colorado.

ananova: adobe beats wall street expectations.

ananova: ancient brothel found under future olympian equestrian site. loose women, fast horses ... where have i heard that one before?

now i'm being utopian.

reuters: pickering's outta here. i haven't followed this very closely, unfortunately. at least they're not sitting on the judicial nominations, as they did in the past. but i hope they base their decision on the individual as a jurist, and not as a partisan. politics comes second; his working decisions come first.

cnn: warning, surgeon shortage ahead. okay, a plug for alwin here. what good is a surgeon without a couple of nurses each?

best thing is to get back in the swing.

plaintive cry in the middens of my mind: "how can i say goodbye, now that i was just in the middle of saying 'hello! i've missed you'?" childish, i know. but it needs to be worked through; i'll get there ... hopefully without moping over all of you.

while off at a meeting, i realized something. three emails. that's all we had. and we used it well, not being clairvoyant. but i think about the fact that three emails from now i or you could be pushing up daisies. is what i've written here really how i want to be remembered? i think so; but i'll be thinking about it more in the future, that's for sure. and more pointed in my emailings.

ananova: nasa photographs 'street' of clouds. or, someone up there uses kai's power tools ...

ananova: builders uncover 2,000 year old carved rocks in el salvador.

reuters: winter fashion?!! don't think you'll see many of these in north dakota next december ...

i wonder if the netflix rental model would work for libraries?

via referrer logs: one hell of a web resource.

trying to plow an even furrow. back later.

slashdot: doctorow and sterling cyber-riffing at sxsw.

guardian.uk: another theory about the identity of mona lisa. i don't know ... many 'madonnas' have similar resemblances.

book-a-minute. hamlet is certainly instructive ... not.

consumer info central.

iwon: settlement talks in alabama pollution case fail. "when company lawyers complained they were being unfairly pressured into a settlement on tuesday, the state circuit judge summoned sheriff deputies and suggested the executives might be jailed for not demonstrating good faith in the talks." executives from monsanto, pharmacia and solutia, that is. i'd like to see that ...

the linux virus writing how-to.

dissent magazine: can there be a decent left? an interesting overview.

faz: history redux. francis fukuyama.

times of india: china flays u.s. on nuclear posturing. "we believe that any cold war mentality or acts do not go with the trend of the times and it will not serve the international situation that is seeking peace and development."

times of india: u.s. reduces reward on bin laden. but read it ... it's funny.

ny times letters to the editor: compassion for andrea yates. sad. imho, the entire family bears this guilt. the signs were there, clear as day, and for whatever reason ... were completely ignored.

ny times: even in new york, they're admiring xeriscaping. put the lawn doctor out of business, please.

ny times: daschle sets stage for key vote on campaign finance overhaul. i'll lend my sleeping bag ...

ny times: bush appears eager now to sign a nuclear pact with russia.

santa fe new mexican: one of our first fires of the season. it's gonna be bad this year, i fear.

reuters: check point launches firewall software for pda's.

if you use imap on the mac, mulberry 2.2b3 is supposed to be way faster than previous versions.

cnn: mineta to reopen reagan airport. they'd best have missiles at the ready, and rock-solid security. this airport's a risk even without terrorists ...

cnn: anthrax hoaxes targeting hispanic groups. fasten your seatbelt ... now we have copycats with an agenda.

cnn: three more firefighters found.

thanks for all the messages of condolence. it's really a strange feeling; having just gotten back in touch, after so long a time ... then to have it all snatched away. i barely remember what she looked like, sounded like. the person i swapped emails with was the same effervescent soul i knew so well ... but i was hoping to put a physical presence, a face, on the memories. now those memories are all i've got ... so last night, i tossed and turned, trying to dredge up all the facets that i had allowed to dissipate. there's personality, but not much in the way of stored images, if you know what i mean. bugs the you-know-what out of me. time will heal, as it always does.

a lot to do, a lot to think about today.

another sunny, beautiful day.