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fri 15 mar 02

gordon's got the goods ... 'extreme ironing.' i *love* this. i wonder if anyone's tried extreme needlepoint? nah, wait ... you need something big and unwieldy. the ironing board is just perfect ...

when writing about things you hold strongly, never underestimate the difference in reactions you'll get between the words 'ignore' and 'overlook.' semantics is a fine art.

a walk home. great. via jerry kindall.

hey karl, we're counting. 57 hours.

daily standard: reading, writing and blogging.

xmlhack: isaviz, a visual authoring and browsing tool for rdf. i think john was querying rdf tools back a while ago ... ?

another fuzzy terrorist bites the dust. i think that's twelve.

doing better today, thanks.

online journalism reviews: "when machines become writers and editors." weblog-style aggregating, obsolete? the news reporting may be 'stale', but it might be refreshing to dispense with all the 'opinion,' 'partisan' and 'sensationalist' jazz ... pure info. then we webloggers can tear it apart (grin).

bbc: the h4 'longitude clock' is running again. actually, they'll be running h1, h2, and h3 as well.

kim kommando: online government offers.

boy, this would be the fulfillment of a dream. one of my all-time favorite cars. i wonder what the reserve is?

the interactive schrodinger's cat.

omnioutliner beta for os x.

unixreview looks at phpweblog.

zdnet: web services are insecure.

independent.uk: christopher hitchens answers reader questions.

csmonitor: classical music fades from the dial. "where commercial radio is concerned, classical music has fallen victim to the profit motive." and it's a poorer world it leaves in that wake. the things that pass for 'classical music' stations are ad-pocked horrors out here in the southwest ...

ny times books: review of "the varieties of romantic experience."

ny times: evil, the nazis, and shock value. i believe one cheapens horrific events by wrapping them in popular culture. calling every petty disaster a 'holocaust' makes the holocaust event less horrific, less unique. after a while, it no longer means anything. so then, it's time to ratchet up the level of shock value, once again ...

ny times: archaeologists find a 'mayan masterpiece' in guatemala.

ny times/reuters: e.u. insists wants compensation over u.s. steel move.

santa fe new mexican: what's doing in santa fe this weekend? i've gotta go see the edward weston stuff at the gerald peters gallery ...

st. patty's day *and* the ides of march? you gotta be kiddin' ...

happy four, kottke.

reuters: soy reduces pain, inflammation in rats.

cnn: applause, please. congress tells bush, "no information, no money."

cnn: arrogance. you can't ignore the effects of selective breeding. "... affectionate, docile and well-behaved with his owner and family, but fierce with strangers. independent and aggressive with other dogs, both of his own breed and other breeds." read the article. this is not a dog to own in a city environment; if you feel the need for this level of protection, move.

looks like flash mx is released. time to cough up another 200 bucks ...

keep on truckin' ...